Feelings are fragile: Handle with care!

Noun – plural noun: feelings – an emotional state or reaction.

None of us are the same and each has its quirkiness too….Thus each of us react to same things differently and sometimes to different things in similar ways.

Either way it is paramount to respect every person’s feelings and deal with each person’s situations with utmost care!

So like these eggs in my ladder – the big and the small, the spotless and the not-so-spotless ones!!!
It is paramount that we keep our feelings clear of all misgivings and misunderstandings because otherwise it becomes the festering ground for mistrust and is the biggest reason for things to fall apart.

The bridge link between Hong Kong and mainland China as seen on our flight out…..
Are we? Balanced? With our feelings whether for others or even for ourselves?
The shades of autumn are hypnotising and the colour changing leaves are harmless, so unlike the fickle human nature.
Journeys can take us to all kinds of destinations and the route itself can be charming and intriguing, much like human behaviour. The only difference being that destinations don’t leave the travellers feeling tricked or swindled or cynical while human behaviour can!
Feelings need utmost care,
Inside each of us they are there,
Just waiting to come to the fore,
Making up a person’s core!

Handle with care & consideration,
Each is different in every situation.
But they make us who we are,
And can add a star or even a scar.

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2023


1 thought on “Feelings are fragile: Handle with care!

  1. I appreciate how delicately you’ve written about the fragility of our emotions. Your words resonated with me and I found myself reflecting on my own experiences.

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