Experiences keep us Real!!!

experience –

noun – 1. practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

2. an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone

As an educator who has spent a large part of her life in the classrooms where tomorrow exists, this is something which cannot hold truer. An old Chinese proverb oft quoted in educational events the world over: (originally a Chinese Proverb, but Confucius said,) “I hear I forget; I see I remember, I do I understand.” Benjamin Franklin attributed it as “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – is what it all is about.

Giving experiences to a child in the classrooms which ends up making his/her learning real, is what the role of an authentic teacher is all about.  Science exhibitions done with models which parents make from home as against doing simple experiments with their friends and their teachers in school using nothing expensive and everything from their mom’s kitchen has always ended up making children learn more about simple science concepts than any textbook or class lecture ever will. Showing pictures of how a seed germinates to planting a seed in a cup and placing it next to the window of a kindergarten classroom and asking students to water it and see its progress each day is something which shall then take no explanation from the teacher at all.

The Lavender farm in WANAKA, New Zealand was all about ‘experiences’ – theirs and how they made us feel that now it was ours!!!!!

And such experiences apart from being real are also authentic in igniting the inquisitiveness and sense of enquiry.

I had always read and seen pictures of a ride in a hot air balloon. But when I experienced it for the first time in Christchurch, New Zealand the experience was surreal and brought in another perspective about what our world around us is like.

When one reads about something, it feels good. But then its just that. Something one has read or heard. It is only when one experiences something – the good or the bad or the ugly – does one become real: empathic and conscious of self and others around them.

After almost four decades in the field of education in my country, there isn’t anything which scares me, or I do not know about. This comes to the fore in my workshops for and with teachers wherein I can explain and bring out the challenges and the ease which any situation/judgement/lesson/parent relation or student and classroom management that they can possibly face. Those experiences and that wisdom has come from my being part of those problems, incidents, happenings and occurrences. That understanding and familiarity with situations helps me come out as someone ‘real’ for the audience I address.

Each of us have our ‘stories’ – its only about how well and how authentically we are able to make others experience it with us which makes us ‘real’!!!!!

That is also how I connect with someone or something I love and like. Their experiences make them real and relatable to me.

Experiences do not just make us real, they make us alive!

Being real is always better than make belief!!!

Though many things which seem surreal and ‘magic’ have a scientific basis to them – a very popular display from the PUZZLE WORLD, WANAKA, New Zealand – a must visit destination for all.
A long ago comment by my aunt (Mami) on one of my BLOGs. Being real, staying true, “playing our part” and not caring for the results – Sums up entirely what I have been trying to say!

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2 thoughts on “Experiences keep us Real!!!

  1. Agree with you there, you do and you remember it for the lifetime. It’s like when I started learning cooking from TV shows and cookery books. Till I started cooking in real, I didn’t actually learn.

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  2. Your post on the importance of experiences in keeping us grounded and authentic is a refreshing perspective. I appreciate how you wove personal anecdotes into the piece.

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