Diverse thoughts & opinions, yet one unit: Family/Nation/Communities/Nature et al

Diverse –adjective – showing a great deal of variety; very different.

Irrespective of the place in the world. Irrespective of the cultures. Irrespective of the economic backgrounds. There is one unit which always houses people of varied and diverse natures. It is the FAMILY.

Unique people, oft diametrically opposite to each other, opinions which do not even match, mindsets which are contradictory – yet they find a common ground to walk the path together. Of course those born into such units may not have the choice to be part of such groups i.e. family but they are different from the originals as well.

The cohesiveness of such units is possible only when each who is part of this  decides and agrees to respect, understand and adjust in every possible way to the other member. The happiness in such units is dependent on how much you are willing to let go. How much you are willing to draw a line at. How much are you wanting to sacrifice and at what cost.

That shall determine the length of duration of family as a unit and also the happiness within.

Families come in all kinds, all hues, all fragrances, all sizes and one size never fits all.

The picture is from the New Years when people dropped in to wish my husband well, in his office for the new year and brought along flowers – my house was full of fragrance & colour from all of them

Diversity helps in bringing in variety. When we have a mixture of different cultures in a hot pot cauldron of multiplicity, then is born a NATION. Our country has this in abundance. From festivals, to places, to cuisines, to handicrafts. It brings in the unique flavor of an array of amazing essence and lends character to the fabric of the country.

Of the many festivals we celebrate in our country – HOLI is one which brings all the colours together.

My hampers for my closest friends with home-made goodies.
Our nation’s culture is fabulously unique and has a myriad layers to themselves.

This enjoyable Sufi energetic presentation is at Taj Faluknama hotel, Hyderabad.
A verandah with a view!!

Our country boasts of the most amazingly obscure yet mesmerizing places tucked away in its nooks and corners.

Here at the ITC Chirala Guest House on the beach in Andhra Pradesh.

The assortment of multifaceted people in our lives through friends add that extra zing to our days on this planet earth. Their range of emotions, opinions and thoughts helps us shape ours and aids in our journey because then we can be who we are – as real can be.

An interesting assortment of short stories by talented individuals of which one is young educator who I met quite by chance at a conference I had organised and who chose to keep in touch.

Ms. Sana has her story featured here – a lovely tale from the heart and is also a contributor for my fourth book: Virtual Wisdom.

I love the variety of people I have met and made friends with through my life’s journey – they all value-add to my life in ways I can’t even thank them enough for.

I revel in the diverse set of emotions, I feel when I deal with something I am passionate about.

I enjoy the diverse characters that we all in one cohesive unit of family, each unique and different from the other.

I enjoy the assortments of my friends circle – each unique and amazing.

I enjoy the variety of spell-binding life we see in nature. Mesmerizing is an understatement.

An early morning find…..This butterfly was resting on the leaf as it saw me running around settling my bunnies. And decided to rest on my behalf!!!

I celebrate everything which is different and diverse around me.

Amidst all the knowledge and the understanding of diversity, arises a situation of nurturing.

It comes from being benevolent and forgiving, caring and non-judgmental, having a mindset which encourages and supports uniqueness like this colossal tree in The Kings Park Botanical garden which helps nurture the abundantly unique flora beneath.

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5 thoughts on “Diverse thoughts & opinions, yet one unit: Family/Nation/Communities/Nature et al

  1. Monidipa Dutta April 4, 2023 — 1:40 am

    Your insights on diversity and unity were thought-provoking, and I appreciated your focus on different aspects of community.


    1. Thank you – I guess that comes from the fact that we r part of such a rich culture-scape called India.


  2. Thought provoking and very well written.


  3. I come from a joint family system and hence agree with you that diversity brings with it unique characteristics, and qualities all coming together for a common purpose. That makes life beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved how you encapsulated the diversity of diversity our country has! Your writing shows that you appreciate the little things in life and so do I!

    Liked by 1 person

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