Candid paves way for carefree!

Candid – adjective – truthful and straightforward; frank

Every attitude is like a coin – having two sides. One side being the good and advantageous and the flip side being bad/ugly and not so flattering. Also there are the in-between attitudes wherein a person tries to please everyone or one kind of person all the time. The ‘yes’ (wo)men and the ones who say and do things to suit their own interests. In these situations, there is always one casualty: Truth.

It is said that to be able to speak one’s mind and be unapologetic about one’s opinions makes a person real. Candidness is a quality I have admired wherever I have come across it. The advantages of the same became apparent at an early age and it all seemed worth imbibing. A characteristic I am identified with now and always.

With nothing to hide. With no need to be two-faced I live life on my terms. It has its immense benefits.

At my pre-book writing event…………….that’s me with my closest friends listening in intently to what the contributors of my book – loads of talented educators had to say.

Though I had video-graphed the whole event – I did not need to go back to the videos to remember what was said. (from left to right: Anuja, Anjali, Maitri & Pragati)

Apart from the freedom of speech, in the real sense, one doesn’t need to remember what one said. As what one says is either something which one has experienced or something which has been felt, seen, or heard. You need to remember only your lies not your truth.

It also helps to keep oneself real, honest, and open-hearted. When one does not hide, the darkness of unnecessary secrets doesn’t glaze one’s eyes.

The smile is genuine too. Straight from the heart.

The candidness and honesty keep the game fair. What is, is what is said and meant. It keeps the core of the emotion unblemished & authentic.

At a friend’s school to conduct an activity for kindergartners…..Sometimes pictures capture the essence of the moment. Here I am engrossed in explaining to a little one the activity ahead.

Wonder who clicked me thus!!!

It also keeps one free. Free as a bird can be.

Free from fear of the truth coming out, for nothing was ever hidden.

Free from the need to please people, for those in your life will then be confirmed trustworthy.

Free from the guilt of saying something which hurts someone, for with your truthfulness and forthrightness, the openness of your thoughts and the well-meaning intention can never be doubted.

You of course may end up having fewer friends and even fewer employable opportunities. But the pandemic has taught us to be resilient. We have learnt to help ourselves even if no one steps in to help us.

Keeping the thoughts unmuddied and the emotions real, a cup of of your favourite beverage and a perfect setting with your thoughts – leads one to being at peace with one’s feelings.

The choice shall always be the same: Right or Wrong?

Our judgments about our preference (of the above) end up defining whether we are wearing our real selves or the masks of deception.

As my naughty Tasmanian – black bunny was messing up the grass, I tried to click him while he was at his naughty act but knowing the candid picture would nail him as guilty as charged – he jumped out of the frame at the right moment!!!
It doesn’t take one to be a pro to capture the mood of the moment – this picture captures the essence of the beautiful wine tour we took last December In Australia – magical to the very core!
I could not have found a better picture which bought out the candidness of what nature is.

Any amount of brightness of our lights can never match the genuine beauty of the moon above us.

Tranquil and mysterious at the same time – There’s so much of forthrightness in God’s creations.

We tend to miss it in our rush of daily routines and chores – what we call life!

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2 thoughts on “Candid paves way for carefree!

  1. I loved the way your article on candidness highlighted the importance of authenticity in our lives. Your writing style effortlessly conveys a carefree attitude that’s truly refreshing to read.


    1. Thank you Monidipa for appreciating.😍

      Liked by 1 person

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