Bitterness harms just one person- YOU

Bitterness – anger and disappointment at being treated unfairlyresentment

Years ago, I was almost here. However, over a span of just a few days I realised that this feeling and emotion was self-consuming.

Everything seemed irritating. Everyone came across as nasty. Each day went away in moping and self-pity.

Then one day fed-up with my own thoughts of forever being a martyr’s memorial, I sat quietly with my best companion – my cup of tea. I let my thoughts wander everywhere and on everything that was making me unhappy and bitter.

An hour into my session with myself, I realised that because someone was a creep and had chosen to not recognise my worth, I was bitter. Fair enough. I had a right to feel thus. But what was I gaining. That person or group of people were at their life, muddling along like before. I also remembered something I always spoke about and was conscious of through my working career that one is indispensable only for their immediately family; for all else there’s always someone available to fill your shoes.

My eureka moment with my feelings was then.

My next move led me to make a group of individuals I so treasure that I cannot even think of not having them in my life. The common thread was me when I made that group and they all knew me but each other. We decided to meet in a coffee shop one evening and the rest is history. Wandering Dreamers was born and more have joined in since we started our journey together in 2019.

From that meeting, that day came another random but cool thought which was about me writing  a book. Fancy? Bashful?


But the seed was planted and it  did not take me long to figure out where that thought would lead me to.

My first book and first attempt at being an author.

An amazing journey……………..unsure steps, confident writing, revisiting memories, meeting people, exploring another side of ME!!

There was no room for bitterness, I did not have place for it!

Unstoppable since then. I am now on to my fourth. And what a journey it has been.

To think I almost got lost in my bitterness for the wrong someone else did. I know what a shock it would have been for all those who thought I had met my nemesis. And to think that phase wasn’t even important anymore.

My purpose and focus shifted from wanting to try to prove to people my worth to letting them seek me out.

I let my positivity slam out bitterness once and for all from my life. I decided to ignore people who did not understand my worth and I started to enjoy my own company.

My circle was always small. It just got qualitatively more sparkle.

Some amazing friends, happiness is in the company of smiles and good cheer, great conversations – Wandering Dreamers, here’s to you all and others too who were away!!!

I always spoke my mind. I just got more candid and blunter.

Self confidence was always in abundance. It just got added with spunkiness.

I was always positive about everything in life. I just decided to throw bitterness out for ever.

I redeemed my peace of mind for bitterness would have only harmed one person and that was ‘Me’.

I wasn’t willing to pay that price anymore.

Looking back the sands of time have kept the memories alive – all kinds of them but my positivity helps me filter out the good from the unnecessary and always look beyond the immediate towards the beacon of light beyond the daily muddle.
And believe me, the scene is truly unbelievable – pure and serene, real and peaceful.

Picture location: The Chirala beach near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: Yours truly

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5 thoughts on “Bitterness harms just one person- YOU

  1. I loved how you said you have every right to feel the way you do but also it is your responsibility to decide if you choose to continue.


  2. This was a cup of tea with right thoughts. Bitterness does lead us nowhere. Good you got over the Bitterness and used enemies constructively. Kudos to you and I loved your post.


  3. Cheers to the wandering dreamers!

    Liked by 1 person

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