amaze [ uh-meyz ] (verb) (used with object)

to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly:

Love being left amazed!

When we are alive, we live. But mere being alive does not ensure our gratefulness. There are a million things one should be thankful for, for each moment tends to amaze us.

The journey of life never ceases to amaze me.

My garden had a Bulbul pair choose a secure hedge branch to make a nest to raise their family….
…what amazed me was the fact of the careful selection of place: Near to where my turkeys stayed, on the portion of the hedge which was least disturbed but most importantly knowing that it was where I’d see it and then the pampering would start….which indeed did…
Unforeseen rains in October had me all worried and an old shower curtain served the perfect raincoat for the nest. The baby Bulbuls then visited my balcony for the fruits along with their parents in a few weeks time!

The rhythm of life goes on!

Defying all odds, sometimes we bloom and prosper – only because we have the spirit to say; Never give up!

Like this lily which bloomed despite my small bunnies eyeing it with greed…Across the green fence, it decided to share its beauty with the world.

The scheme of things in this world and the simplicity of the rhythm of life always amazes me!

Everything and each of us have their work and place envisaged in this wild world. How and when we find our calling decides what we do with our lives.

Working with kids informally while my husband policed the society led me to train and get my specializations which led me to my profession of being an educator. My journey through school administrations and leadership led me to where I find myself today: striving in my each alive moment to try and make a difference to someone’s life, one teacher at a time. Training those who hold the growing up years of the a child’s life and making that learning impactful is my calling now.

Its the journeys no doubt which are important but more than that I feel is the ‘value-add’ one can make in it to make it all the more amazing!

We all encounter our battles, we win some and lose many (maybe) but it is a victory when we can learn to look beyond into the horizon, wistfully sensing a palpitating hope that:

Yes life does go one and after every night, we wish each other ‘Good night’ in the kindest, purest thought of awaking again the next morning – what better way than this to be amazed?

Yet again!!!!

The sunrise at 5.30 am from my balcony!

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2023 #

8 thoughts on “amaze [ uh-meyz ] (verb) (used with object)

  1. Monidipa Dutta April 1, 2023 — 1:56 am

    Your blog post on the verb “amaze” was an absolute delight to read! The way you explained its usage with examples was truly impressive. Can’t wait to read more from you!


  2. I just loved the way u crafted your post. You have amazed me.


  3. Beautiful pictures and truly amazing!


  4. Ya, the journey called life never cease to amaze us 🙂 that’s how amazing we are, isn’t it?


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