As I race to the finish line…..

….in-between and onwards……

When I stood at my mark,
Took my position to run the race,
I doubt I knew life to be so much work,
I just wanted to be in first place.

Then the journey started to complicate,
Simple turned to knotted in no time,
I met people, situations which filled my plate,
Everything felt like a rhyme.

Kindergarten merged into high school seamlessly,
Places and friends moved in and out,
Learnings happened at high frequency,
And soon I understood I had a divine account.

Good filled my actions every day,
Genuine intention took over my thoughts,
Each day should count in some way,
Was my intent in every life’s toss.

I made my mistakes with equal pace,
Had my share of unhappy moments each year,
Kept telling myself it’s a race not a chase,
To better myself should be my only cheer.

Doing everything a childhood should do,
Everything one should learn about,
My parents, hot and cold, both blew,
And never did I its value discount.

Who can one learn from but experience,
Who can one lean on but family,
Their intention was never spurious,
And that shaped my emotional tapestry.

School gave me more than home ever could,
The love and learning there were unparalleled,
It was a simple childhood,
Where what teachers said was the gospel upheld.

From sports, to dramatics, to debates and planning,
Everything happened as a natural cause and effect,
Nothing was made out to be something enchanting,
Across our nation, schooling had the same respect.

Things were abundant and desires scarce,
Fast food wasn’t a norm neither was a fake account,
Each was without a mask and less of remorse,
Each wanted to make their life count!

The race was run with genuine happiness,
No comparisons of money or place,
Looking over our shoulders there was no emptiness,
Even with rivals the rules were never replaced.

Cheer could be spread in a picnic,
On a bench in a park or lying in the grass,
Time never bored us for we never thought it was trick,
If we had only family and no friends for time to pass.

I have run the race with a clear mind,
And as I reach somewhere in-between 
The beginning and the end, I look behind,
To see what I see on my life’s screen.

Tis not bad I feel as the scenes flash by,
There is family to cherish deeply,
Friends who help me when I smile & cry,
Work which defines me uniquely.

As I continue my race to that finish line,
I now discount all the bumps & roughness I have faced,
For in the end the memory of me will align,
Not to whether I made it but how I braced it!

A small word of advice to those who care to listen,
Keep it simple, keep it candid,
Whatever life may offer, wherever it may take you, it’s a given
The results are the cause of your own actions single-handed!

So, race to the finish line with good faith,
Be thankful for your privileges, blame no one for the missteps,
It’s your life after all, so make sure you reach that ribbon unscathed,
While making everything count – actions, attitudes, the path & its steps.

Life isn’t about bouquets always nor is it about the lemons – its about the learnings we derive from each of them.
I’d say: Enchant, Decode and collect Memories in your journey called Life!

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