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A certain change of a Prime Minister in an obscure country – now obscure country, far away across oceans has energized the social scenarios of both the internet and our civil society. This is irrespective of the fact that that certain individual may not even care two hoots for his country of origin. And well, why should he? After all he chose to get a better life for himself as we all want and desire (don’t we – look at the number of Indians wanting to go abroad for that ‘dream’ life!). I fall into the same category of Indian parents who do not want disappointment to stare in the face of our children as they try endlessly to compete and get selected somewhere or desperately try to be accepted in our education system if they do not get that magical score of a 100 percentile. I had the means to help give wings to my child’s dreams and like many others took the choice. So did Mr. Sunuk and his wife too.

Nothing wrong with that. But we should just let it be at that.

But no, we are excited and falling over each other to extoll how once a country which ruled over us – again our failing and our dis-unity led to most of it – was being run by the very person they despised. Hello!

People that was then. This is today.

Power equations are changing every day. Politics has learned the fastest than any other profession that strange bedfellows maketh the easiest conduits to power. And do not forget destiny. Moreover, Mr. Sunuk is as British as they get and wealthier than the royals too. Wow!! (No one finds fault with the latter’s wealth, so I wonder whether it is really that or the fact that Mr. Sunuk is ‘brown’ or a little of both; I loved that latest comedian dig at all this controversy – made a hilarious hear!)

For every successful man/woman or company you see, remember there are millions who never made it. (And a few who also evaded certain laws and rules and because of that, certain taxes too.) Or maybe did but never became nor wanted to come forward and be there. Moreover, not everyone is tech savvy and not everyone can afford a battery of individuals just devoted to making your presence over-power every aspect of life through social media.

Also, some choose truth and hard work over all the gloss and hype.

I’d rather be excited over the fact that despite everyone’s best efforts, our economy is still holding up. Though the Rupee has almost given up on us all.

I’d rather be excited about the fact that we have people who work with diligence despite people saying that jobs are hard to find by and companies are laying off (Shame on them, they say), we have a huge productive work force not wanting to work at all but make hay while the sun shines and enjoy a holiday in our villages celebrating some way of life which our dearest political parties are holding almost after every election. Of free this and subsidy that. The party continues.

I’d rather be excited about so many of us staying away from burning up moolah, though firecrackers were still lighting up our skies till past midnight this Diwali even though our incomes had supposedly hit rock bottom.

I’d rather be excited about extended rains in October and weather being more pleasant even though crops being drenched in outpours not expected at this time of year is scary while another COP summit in some picturesque European country had deliberated with millions spent that we were experiencing climate change. Wow! What a revelation, Sirji!

I’d rather be excited about a society where we find moments of courage, hope and celebration and many mothers bringing up their boys with a unique & diverse mindset. Something co-existing often with an underbelly without any moral compass as we continue to let heinous crimes and unspeakable acts happen around us by men who have been taught to play God or have been told since they were born that they were a gift from above while some of them are despicably being a scourge on society.

I’d rather be excited about having a small farm of my own with my animals featuring even in books and birds awaiting my waking up at 6 am despite the general melancholy of living in a fast-changing cityscape.

My excitements come from simple things.

From a life uncomplicated by the lack of desire for:

  • /of high achievements signified by fantabulous designations,
  • more monetarily heavy bank balances,
  • more bricks and mortar making up my assets,
  • /of a social media ‘presence’,
  • /of virtual friends whom I do not even know,
  • /of ‘likes’ which are done to seem fashionably correct,
  • /of generally doing things which help make a fool out of me

It also comes from a simple fact of wanting to be just myself, no filters, no make-up, no mask, no double-standards, no censorship.

And surprisingly it works.

So, my excitement with mundane continues even as the world around me is electrified with/about events/people/things which make good news but do no value-add to our individual lives. I quite fancy making mine worthwhile    as well as of those few I happen to touch as I move and bumble along.

Excited? Me too! (Oops!)

Choosing our pathways in our journeys is always a choice – the winding path, the straight roads, the flight of stairs – choices will be umpteen, what we choose as our chosen means of a way forward clearly defines, not just our choices but ourselves too!

Illuminating my life with the right choices, balanced priorities, special friends, passionate work and treasuring my insanely amazing family has been my chosen choice – then, now and always!

There are many who view similar things from the same angle and position but perceive it differently – that is what defines YOU – what you perceive in a similar situation says a lot of who you are…….I see hope even in spilt milk, I see solutions inside problems, I see focus in between cacophony, I see vision within chaos, I see love inside small gestures and I get all excited in those small signs from Lord Almighty which tell me its all worth it after all!





1 thought on “Excitement!

  1. I was having an interesting conversation regarding my recent Blog above with Mr. Chandra Sekhar Chirravuri, an LLB student of University college of Law, Osmania University whom I got to know thru an organisation he volunteers and works for “Friends of Snake Society in Hyderabad – a wonderfully well-informed individual about the serpents who most of us hate and are scared off but he has helped us save so many from our huge house as their habitat is being disturbed by rampant construction all around here. He has this interesting comment on what I wrote yesterday:

    “That’s an amazing piece of work, ma’am. Not taking any side, choosing a neutral stance on the things. I felt exactly the same. For example, Kamla Harris has become the VP of the USA. Is she taking any decision in favour of India.!? If she works in favour of India, then what about the benefits of the Americans, those who have voted for her? Same goes with the UK. Rishi Sunak would never work in favour of India or Indians. As a Hindus, we might feel happy for him becoming the PM which we’ve never experienced. But being a Hindu, if he works for Hindus, then we should also be ready for Christian PMs and Christian presidents showing brotherhood between themselves across the globe. Muslim kings and Muslim rulers helping only to their brethren across the globe. Aren’t we expecting way too much ? 😀”

    Thank you Mr. Chandra – makes sense. Everyone acts according to the nation they are part and should be that way…bringing in religion and ethnicity is unfair to all of them.👍

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