Memories, reminiscences from not so far away…….

….remembering Book 1 as I move on to Book 4!

2019 March

A small group of lovely friends. Sharing memories together. Talking nineteen to a dozen. And then a thought.

Memoirs, said someone. About education said another. And my mind had already started to race.

The first seed for my book had been sown.

The rest is history for this author. What a journey it has been. From an accidental author to “an unstoppable author”!! Ha, ha, ha! Thank you, Mrs. Seetha Murty!

The open arms and large hearts with which people allow me entry into their lives and work, makes me forever grateful!


For my first book, I asked some contributors who featured in the book for their reactions to my title and the very thought of the book: The Deccan Trailblazers – Education Icons of Hyderabad.

What do you think of my title for the book?
An idea which was waiting to happen and all these wonderful people helped me make it happen after all!
Oh the wonderful friends I have made with my books’ journeys is unfathomable.
Respect and work go hand-in-hand. When either is missing at work places, then the journeys are ordinary and mundane. On the contrary, when both are found together then learning as educators is phenomenal!

Aha! Nostalgia, memories, iconic experiences!

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