Significances, Symbolisms and more……

Words, meanings & beyond!

Days go by and the time stops not. The mornings turn to noon and dusk sets in. The oscillations from one thing to another are seamless and sometimes laboured. The day begins like every other one and yet there is this desire for the extraordinary to set in or happen.

As the afternoon started to heat up and sitting out did not seem like a cool option anymore, I decided to sit within the air flow of an air-conditioner and exercise my grey cells. The desire to do a million things and create different things is most alluring. I work through the day on multiple levels – my book, a curriculum I am designing, my book of stories, a few Udemy courses and maybe very soon also a thesis on my munchkins and my birdies. Thrown in-between is big time serious gardening goals like laying a whole garden based on my research, constructing an aviary at home with eco-friendly material, enticing wild birds to make my home theirs by scouting for bird friendly perches to put up their comfy bird houses, mixing feed for my turkeys after extensive research, not to forget my cup of tea amidst the hectic day routine.

All the hullabaloo of a normal life, replete with the chaos, laughter, fights, low moods and high, food, work and chores, friends and family, celebrations and sadness spice up what we have all come to call Life on this planet. Each gets what is due to that person. Each gets what is due on the designated time.

There’s a popular Hindi proverb which when translated roughly means that we have plans in place for several years when we do not even know our tomorrows. Letting go of those desires but not the hope for the future is what a human being needs to do. And there are indications and symbols in everyone’s life. The key is to understand and decipher those signs, for ‘those’ are the ones which help us fortify ourselves against the ups and downs of this journey.

How a cake can be symbolic of my father’s lounging habit after he is home from work!! I did this for his birthday years ago and this always takes me back to NZ in an instant!!

How this forever habit of wanting to feed animals has led my son to have his pets eat out of his hands literally, even now as he pampers them no end – whether they are the turkeys or the bunnies!!

Of how blue skies and rustling leaves transport me to another place!! A place I now call home….Sigh!

How humour helps one to ward off the chores’ blues when family starts thinking routine work happens itself!!

How a subscription of flowers for oneself leads to a major mood boost amid the everyday gloom and topsy-turvy world!



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