Shaken & stirred!

The Heart has its reasons…..

Remembrances of people in our lives,
Times spent together relives,
Years put into the building of bonds,
And then it snaps away, does not respond.

People come into our days,
They leave their mark which stays,
I remember all those
Who the heart got to know.

We move on forward always,
Their journey with us essays,
The reasons why they remained,
Or left us pained.

Yet those memories sum up,
The total gist in close-up,
Of moments and near misses,
Those we left or made up with kisses.

I hate to live with regrets,
Thus, keep free of emotional debts,
Maybe my destiny is to impact
To react and always act!

Each day of the past decade,
I have lived in ‘now’, less afraid
Of losing out most
And keeping those who value me close!

Helping my heart to deal,
Acts of betrayal scar, of love heal,
As much of steel I may be,
They leave me not distraught free.

Letting go is the way forward,
All state, with a wisdom foreword,
It is so easier said than fixed,
Tell the heart, it copes with everything mixed!!

If clowning around with no attachments was an option available, I’d exercise it right away….Sigh, but we have a life to live!

Life is fascinating and heretofore unexplored and misconstrued…we live it with our inexperience and what’s done is then called ‘experience’; However, those ‘experiences’ leave their mark on one’s soul and go on to make or break a person depending on circumstances and choices!

(Photo courtesy: Yours truly on my first and most fascinating journey to the beautiful and mesmerizing Great Barrier Reef, Australia years ago.)


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