Dynamisms in Dreams!

Doing it well – Today & Always!

When we start doing the things we love,

Our thoughts always rise above,

The ordinary and the mundane things,

Giving our passions beautiful wings!

The stately trees give us the most valuable lessons in life – grow as you may, remember where your roots are, what your stature is meant to be and then remain dignified & eminent!

Each day comes with a new fervour,

Each moment newer things to adore,

When you pursue your aspirations,

With charm, graciousness & strong foundations.

Being Different scares you? Then strive hard to scare that difference away!
Excellence is always a choice, pursue it to make ‘different’ fashionable!

Dreams are about convictions,

They are about beliefs & contradictions,

Yet they are about hope & anticipation,

It is also about motivation & determination.

Hope of a new day helps the ‘yesterday’ fade away into the twilight zone as the horizon beckons once again!

Dreams thus melt away into reality,

As hard work takes over gallantly,

And the sweat teaches the tired muscles,

A lesson or two in calm rather than a hustle.

Keeping the ‘every day’ important helps one to be the ‘person for every day’!

I love the dynamisms of dreams,

As they reek of enterprise, application & effort,

Making each of us a Human Being and a some more of ‘better’!!

2 thoughts on “Dynamisms in Dreams!

  1. Excellent choice of words and examples makes your writings fantastic


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