About focus, selflessness and taking heart!

In the ‘now’,

With the ‘present’,

About emotions…..

I do not worry too much about my future. I do not dwell too much on my past either. Being more of a ‘now-in-the-moment’ type of person, making each day count becomes more important for me. Equally important is the fact that I always keep the focus on the thing or person who requires it at that moment. This is irrespective of what I might want or feel or desire to do.

I think and reflect often on what helped me to be able to remain focused even in the worst situations I have faced. The answer always has been found in my reliance on my mind. Also, in the firm faith that whatever seemingly may seem to be not working out at that moment, turns out on hindsight to be the right thing to happen nee not happen.

All this makes me reaffirm my faith in a strong belief that we are playing our parts according to a set script and game plan. My grandmother (from my maternal side) often said: “That one does not get anything before the designated time nor more than what destiny has in store for us.” I remember that though I did not snigger whenever I heard this, I did roll my eyes a bit wearily.

It all makes so much sense today.

I also know that my role is now being enacted by my young son who being from another generation of millennials does not roll his eyes wearily but finds it appropriate to be blunt, unapologetic, and unremorseful in stating that that such attitudes and thought processes reflect ‘my generation’. I do not grudge him his opinions because they endorse my beliefs that shifts in thought processes and viewpoints and mindsets must evolve with each passing generation.

That would be growth.

That would be progression.

Maybe also evolution.

It brings me to another aspect which I have found intriguing when I see that in people but find it missing in me. Any effort by anyone how so ever small is always worth a ton-ful of indebtedness and gratitude. Everything, how so ever small done by anyone for you takes effort. It does not happen out of nowhere nor does it happen with a wave of one’s imaginary magic wand. I see immense sense in being appreciative and grateful as opposed to vice versa. Whatever I do for anyone eats into quite a few things – my time, space, mental faculties, and effort. I know this all too well to disregard anyone’s effort – large or miniscule. Yet for a large percentage of population is does not matter. And selflessness is looked upon with disbelief. Why would it be considered with skepticism and looked upon with mistrust, if someone does something in a personal and/or professional capacity which is beyond the written requirement?

That would be from being cynical.

That would come from a negative mindset.

Maybe also cageyness.

It brings me to one more observation about failures and people’s reaction to it. As we practiced and worked hard for a particular competition in which my son was to participate, I heard this a lot. The scare with the thought of failure. I have faced such nay Sayers and situations many a times in my own life and each time I have let my emotion play on my mind for less than 24 hours. The debilitating feeling leads to exhaustion and inertia. After letting ‘it’ be happy and feel valiant for just that much time, my mind fights back and looks beyond unhappiness and despair.

There’s always a silver lining and one can always analyze and understand why we encountered that failure. All we need to do is be objective. Be unprejudiced about the environment in which it happened. Think dispassionately and by being neutral – almost as a referee. It requires training the mind to take over the emotions and ask them to calm down and take a time-out. The clarity when your head clears itself of emotional baggage and scaring is liberating to say the least. The rush of the happiness morphine within our bodies is a feeling I look forward to experiencing each time I am faced with a debacle. Because it tells me I am alive; it reiterates to me that I can still think; it reassures me that I have mental resilience.

It also shows that when I turn around with a sinking heart, there will be people right behind me who will smile that brave smile and show me the thumbs up, giving me that purpose again.

That would be toughness.

That would be buoyancy.

Maybe also taking heart!

Loved this little grasshopper as it stood frozen, when it realized that we had spotted it…yet it took heart in the fact that his camouflage was perfect because we thought it was a leaf.

Needless to add that we rescued it off the lawn and plonked it onto a flowering tree nearby and Mr. grasshopper went about his way as if nothing had happened.

Vital lessons, I thought: Never let any adversity intimidate you – everyone has skills to tide over it!!

Morning musings and my cuppa of tea as the day breaks and in a beautiful one too (a gift from a dear friend) is juxtaposed against the wildly flowering plants of my garden – all help in clarity from a muddled day before.

It helps to reflect on what we felt, what we experienced and how we reacted to be able to re-focus on how it can be a better today. Mornings spent with myself and my thoughts help me unclutter my mind.

Vital lessons, I thought: Positive Mindsets are made from minds which have removed the emotional cacophony and the materialistic garbage from within their thought processes!!

Growing all over the wall and deep inside, this beautiful tree with its artistic roots was in the recreated village eatery near Ahmedabad.

Of the innumerable things and artifacts which were part of the décor and put up artistically around the property, this stood out for its natural beauty amongst what was seemingly artificially created.

Vital lessons, I thought: Stay real even if the world around you is fake!!!

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