What I want to do but if only…….!

Aha, Wishful thinking!

For starters, I want to ready a list of people I want to punch in the face and then get down to doing it.

Once that is done, and my angst is released, I would go back to only a few to explain why I did what I did. For the others, that punch requires no explanation because even if one was given, they would remain narcissists.

Well, something like this brings on a huge sense of overwhelming glee. We settle scores there and then. Over and done with.

So, like my baby turkeys.

Our little female one does not like the similar light-coloured male because of the same colour. Well, I think it is the same colour which puts her off. For she likes the other dark feathered similar aged male (also her own age with just a few days of difference).

And apart from my voice as I call out to them each morning, she does not have conversations with me about her preferences about males of her kind. Thus, I am at a loss and must figure out a few things for myself.

Then she does not like the other smaller birds who fly down from their tree perches for a share of her corn rice or seed feed. She determinedly chases them off till the last corner of the lawn; so, what if we must fly onto an uncomfortable perch onto the garden light?  We need to settle the scores properly. Till the last and no explanation needed either.

Much like my list. It must be and thus must be!

Secondly, would love to hold the mirror to people and list out to them all the lies they profess and keep repeating and often keep contradicting themsleves too. Recount all those instances to them when the mask fell off.

I want to be able to say: “Silence, s’il vous plait” (Silence, quiet please) to all those who speak without substance and without verifiable data. Basically, through their hats!

So, like my Chinese Guinea fowls.

The whole gang of them is ready with their arsenal of coordinated screeching and raise a noisy cacophony of “Silence, s’il vous plait”, when what is being said in their vicinity isn’t to their liking. Love it how they silence us and then walk off with an air of self-declared triumph.

I love it and would so want to be able to do it to the crazy cacophonic group of educators or politicians or so-called influencers who think that using comprehensible sentences means they are making sense.

Much like my wish. It must be and thus must be!

Finally, I’d want to be doing what I please, as I please and have a routine which is about just Me. Getting up when I want to, sleeping when I so desire. Cooking if I must and need it and surviving on gallons of tea or just thoughts.

So, delightfully like my darling California rabbit.

She is one who cares two hoots of the world. The males may be excited, but she will chew on her thoughts or her grass with gay abandon. Nothing, and no excitement excites her.

My son can shoot as many rounds as possible from his air pistol and any bird can make any noise up in the tree, we just sit on our haunches and survey the world with candid composure. And then a flick in the air and we couldn’t care less!

You can sweet, baby talk to any other rabbit or have something animating happening around their cages, if it does not affect her routine, she stretches out on her basket and looks at all of us with weariness. Her routine stays and should be thus.

Much like my yearning. It must be and thus must be!

Sometimes the vision gets blurred when you see too much dazzle around……

.…and then something just brings back the focus!!!!

Innovating within ourselves and in spite of others – keeping the ‘life’ alive in our living…….

And remaining cracked but grounded completely and in full bloom on our own steam!!

That isn’t wishful thinking that is: “Myself ME!”😁

2 thoughts on “What I want to do but if only…….!

  1. Daring and dashing
    Love your writings and photographs


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