Of Gratitude, Mental Attitude, Destiny and more…

Thankfulness comes from a generous Heart!

After I fell sick with the virus last year paired with a harrowing experience at a leading hospital in the city, the clarity of many emotions was rekindled. It was after that experience when I realised something for myself yet again. A kind of a reinforcement. A refresher course in reactions, actions, emotions and thought processes.

It is when we lose something that we realise the complete value of what we had.

It is when we find ourselves cornered that we seek to re-establish our faith. In everything: divine and otherwise.

It is not without regret when we react in anger.

It is in adversity when you find your ‘real’ friends and true family.

It is when you can give nothing but love and emotional support and expect no monetary or material benefit, when you unearth your genuine support group.

It is difficult for people to believe when you are a catalyst and facilitator for positive mindsets, everything good.

It is rewarding to genuinely appreciate and recognize another’s talent.

It is different rules for different people and situations as people do everything according to their convenience – the universal right & wrong gets lost in the cacophony.

My lists are endless, and it was painful to grasp on to the weird and maintain my faith in my own beliefs. This led to many a more realisations which continue till today.

In a world order where ‘genuine’ is being relegated to museum emotions and ‘those were the times’ nuances, and where being ‘unselfish’ even with family, leave alone friends and acquaintances is an unbelievable trait, I have had to fight hard with the devil on one of my shoulders, as it urged me hard to choose the easy path. Flow with the masses, he tempted. And then what?

The choices will always be ours. Those choices will define whether I am able to sleep without an iota of guilt and remorse each night. Those choices also classify me as ‘one in a lifetime’ kind of person or the ‘run of the mill’ kind.

All the above also strengthened my resolve to remain true to my beliefs and fiercely protective of my principles.

To be more forthright against nonsense.

To be more inflexible about bad attitudes.

To be wearier of trivial, juvenile behaviours.

To laugh more often on being misunderstood.

To relish people’s discomfiture at my being @ home with my quirkiness.

To being able to treasure my time with myself and appreciate the delight of solitude.

To be well-heeled in my ‘thoughts bank-balance’ and care far less for materialistic well-being.

To speak what I mean & do what I say.

To avoid toxicity and pretentiousness.

Each gets what they are destined to have. You can choose to be happy with your self or keep looking over your shoulder at the other side. It may seem greener and then what?

 Satisfaction comes from a clear conscience, a generous heart and candid straight-talking.

Happiness comes from unfolding the layers of care, spreading the warmth, unwrapping the small gifts of gratitude, releasing the negativity, launching your mood with honesty, untying all the strings of jealousy. Happiness is thus a state of mind which no one can gift you except yourself!

Keep your view, keep your focus, do not give unsolicited advice, everyone has a plan for their life, do not walk-in without an appointment, be careful to not let your jealousy take the better of your prudence and expose your class; remember those who talk the most have the least to contribute to any argument – Thus keep it simple: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!

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