Awesomeness does not need an intro!!

The ‘A’ is there…….in Aware, Arise and Awesome…………………………………………………………… is also the beginning of @blogchatterA2Zchallenge2021

Awesomeness does not need an intro! Or does it? Would not know because I have walked in with zero intro at several workplaces and found that news of my credentials had reached there much before me or someone had heard about me and my work or my hubby’s profession & post. Always it was an “awesome” feeling except when it was because of the last aspect, not because I had something to hide about hubby dearest but because I wanted my introduction to be because of me and ME alone!

People got to know me and over time, the awe turned to genuine respect which is what always mattered to me. I was liked for who I was, what I believed in, my ethics and that list according to me is long. Maybe for others it is just a few things of what I think is important to me and for them it could just be that she is a snob, stuck-up, b****. I wonder why we use animals to abuse our fellow brethren. For these poor beings are the most important role models and any abusive word should just be a descriptive adjective in nature rather than a noun, an animal noun.

Well, that is ME! Loads of roles rolled into one, many understandings clear in my head, infinitely positive actions for me & people around me, nothing which I think I cannot do except simple Math and driving the car in India, rest is like the cakes I take only a few minutes to bake = cakewalk!

Walking on….regardless of whatever the world may label or think of me…..I celebrate being ME!
And I promote my first book…a celebration of amazing people I know, at zero economics and sans commercialism!
The reportage after the launch!
Another moment to pride in the joy of being myself – My second book launch last year…….
….and my second book!

Childhood memories are the fondest ones which remain etched in the back of our memory blackboard. I have many. Childhood relationships take the largest hit in terms of sustainability in these fast-paced times. As I grew up amongst a force’s lifestyle, a crisscrossing of the Indian countryside, amongst several iconic schools, friends who have not kept in touch, places which have remained all-time favorites, holidays spent in an idyllic 5-acre urban retreat in a city steeped in history and lore, with people who cherished my very being (apart from my parents, of course), a few pets thrown in as well as the carefree nature of my childhood, it did not bother me with worries about the future. I doubt, I ever thought or even contemplated about who would or would not keep in touch. If my efforts at bonding were reciprocated in appropriate ways, I went out of the way to be there, to stay connected. Otherwise, I kept to myself.

My cousin who beat me to this world by a couple of months has been one who has over several years kept the emotional fuel-line attached to me. It has been fun talking about parenting, studies, English grammar rules, reading, painting, cooking, people around us, poems, pranks, nostalgic memories of us growing up, vacations taken, moments of self-evaluation and weaknesses, angst over everything under the sun, feelings. Our list of topics keeps getting longer and it is always nice to have common memories too.

Well, that is Affectionate Aparna! If Patience needed to market itself, then she would be its brand ambassador. She dons several roles effortlessly with being mom to a smart, forever wanting to do something new & different primary grader, the usual wifey-daughter-in-law roles apart from being immensely talented with her brush and flooring me till today with her surrealistic simplicity.

My cousin’s beautiful gift for me and my home as she came to be part of my first book launch!!
The world and colors around her are her canvas…..another lovely piece of impromptu art from her!
A hands-on Mom to a delightful young man who is as creative as his mom; he loves to read and writes extremely beautifully having won several awards at his school level!

Certain events become life changers. We all experience those moments some or the other time in our lives. The magnitude of their impact or devastation or creation is always a very personal feeling. Some such events put together led to moments frozen in time and some which time did not freeze. Life goes on – was one such realization. After I lost my mom, years passed by as I bumbled on, there always was purpose in my actions and a reason, there was always the duty and the necessary, but there was always that part of me which continued to miss her. The feelings continue but I have become stronger in my own dealing with my grief. As did everyone else in my family. Each of us internalized whatever we felt and were there in strength for each other. My father’s life took the biggest 360 degrees turn, as expected, and came another calling which he continues to fulfill in far-away-land.

Many a beautiful moments and memories were formed beyond our grief at dad’s new place of abode which let us explore another mesmerizing land which up until then had been a mere speck to point out on the globe. Apart from the many places which we explored and umpteen which we explored there, the capital remains a beautiful & incredible city to discover, take-in and enjoy.

Well, Auckland’s awesomeness needs no introduction. From lovely places to eat, walk around and explore, there are countless things that one can do there.

Aha! Auckland from the sky!!! Have made some of my most beautiful memories here!

History fascinates a few. I was amongst those few. Though not all kinds of it but most of it. May be the genesis of wanting to teach Social Studies lies somewhere in there. And amongst the teachers who remain in my memory since school, is my Social Studies teacher. Trips around our country are always permeated with history and lore and legends and believable & unbelievable chronicles of the rich cultural & historical background which India has. The kingdoms, the rulers and their dynasties, the religions, and their beginnings – each as mystical as the other if not more. The Mughal rule has fascinated generations on end, and mine and the ones after, were no different. Who does not find the palace intrigues and the hushed extra sprinkling of hearsay history of the guides at our historical monuments interesting and worth a dumbfounded, astonished gasp!

The Agra Fort of the great Moghul king, Akbar helped us revel in all the mystified and astounding details of one of the most fascinating ruler from our past. The Taj Mahal – that fascinating monument which has seen the world’s who’s who is one of the most captivating, spellbinding and hypnotizing architectural monument one can ever hope to see. A must for every bucket list of places-I-shall-see-before-I-die.

As was the history-soaked city of Amritsar. Revered and celebrated on several levels, this city invokes a mixed bag of feelings for every visitor. The fervent nationalist can have their dose of the armed forces connection, the religious have their faith secured at the mesmerizing Golden temple and the culture happy can shop to their hearts content in the lovely, busy streets and pick up the most mesmerizing phulkari work and the foodies will rejoice in the delectable Punjabi cuisine and definitely end up saying…”Yeh humri pawri ho rahi hai” as they devour the tandoori chicken, the chole bature and the to-die-for lassi!

Well, Agra and Amritsar are not on our list of cities to visit, said no tourist ever!!

A cradle of culture and a melting pot for traditions and history……..Agra and Amritsar!

The magnificent colors of Autumn add the charm to another awesome morning to a place which is my own special nook to unwind and relax!

The entire month of April, I am blogging from A2Z powered by #BlogchatterA2Z

2 thoughts on “Awesomeness does not need an intro!!

  1. pragati ranade April 1, 2021 — 8:08 am

    Hey , there is a A in Anjali also and she is affectionate, approachable and of course angelic ❤️❤️❤️


    1. 💕….one survives because of wishes from lovely people like you.


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