The Echo Chamber

Walking down memory lane remembering & celebrating Places, Events, People, History, Festivals, and all that made up my life!

Excuses are mere tools which I use for giving me a reason for celebrating, doing or creating something which I really want to do!
Like I used the presence of my young son with us on a recent festival as an ‘excuse’ to make some traditional goodies and send wishes hampers to friends!!
I plan to remember many things,
Those which made me who I am,
All together memories bring,
A wonderful nostalgic ring!

Write and recollect,
Visit some thoughts,
Moments lovely of course,
May be some sad & full of remorse....

A month of bringing 
The past & present alive,
Indicates the #Blogchatter2021 has arrived,
Yet again as a pandemic year, the world survives!
New beginnings with new perspectives amidst old friends and similar environs with fresh understandings – the clock seems to have come full circle as the world realizes that outdoing its own pace is paradoxical, for you get left behind in your own race!

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