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De-deviling it right!

Ms. Neha Mathur, Programme Head – Bright Spark Education of Youngistaan Foundation and her husband – Mr. Rohit Mathur tried my ‘Whisktaker’ box first and shared with me their experience with it.

Here’s a pictorial display of the effort and exercise in Neha’s own words…….

Neha and Rohit
“Setting the stage – A Whisking Adventure”
“I read the recipe at least 10 times 😄”
“And then called in reinforcements … who basically took over relegating me to the outpost!”
“This led to a skirmish … Yay I say to the electric beater, nay he says, we fold and fold some more! He won!”
“I stared down the chocolate – it melted, while he tamed the eggs!”
“The milk was sour but our moods were greatly improved as we saw our creation bubbling to life”
“Thank you for the treat, Anjali Ma’am 🤗”
“You are all heart!!”

And so she wrote…..

[24:18, 12/29/2020] Anjali: 😁👏👏
[24:20, 12/29/2020] Anjali: Awesome!! Neha!!!
You are indeed a darling!!!😘
[01:29, 12/29/2020] Neha Mathur – Youngistan: 🤗❤️

And my journey with a few good friends took off!

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