Being my own VALENTINE

What I did wrong till I got it right!!

Words can hurt. So can emotions.

Egos can be bruised. So can sentiments.

Moods can swing. So can standpoints.

Opinions can be colored. So can verdicts.

Wisdom can be rare. So can instincts.

Suspicions can always arise. So, can fears.

Prudence can be unparalleled. So can sagacity.

And all of this can come with age and experience. Or one may be born with good judgmental skills & good sense. Either way, insightful acumen into what life holds for us and what it means for most, is something which imparts keenness to our acceptance of everything around us.

I acquired mine through years of living my life on my terms and with zero regrets. It had its own pitfalls and being in those hitches and difficulties and complications taught me valuable lessons.

Being the master of my own emotions is what counts the foremost. I realized the power of my mind to either lift me from my saddest moods or take me towards a spiral downfall of the emotional ambush. I learnt how I could be deceived into a sense of wellbeing or a hopelessness of despair by my own mind. I have studiously avoided the ambuscades laid by my mind since that realization.

My thoughts tame my mind, and its emotions is what comes a close second. My over-thinking of any situation or problem or circumstance or event or setback or obstacle is never going to help that enigma to vanish into thin air. I learnt how I could gently subdue my reflections to soothe my reactions to the different scenarios I faced. I have introspectively circumvented the perils of a fervent mind since that mindfulness.

My happiness is mine and only mine to nurture and cherish is the next lesson learnt with burnt fingers nee emotions. My over-zealousness to keep everyone before myself oft had me brutally wounded and emotionally sore as a result. Caring for their healing led to the scaring of my emotions. Their weepiness led to morbidity of my mental peace. I learnt how I could respond with fortitude and take cognizance of their suffering without endangering my resilience and survival. I have resolutely sidestepped the menacing jeopardies of the disorderly patterns of unhealthy minds.

I am my own Valentine before being someone else’s is my final learning amongst my Abou-Ben-Adhem-ist list. I rule my emotions now and take charge of my feelings for myself and others who feature in my life. For me, my love for life and its countless, diverse characters who crisscross my journey here governs my conduct & actions. I learnt the art of treasuring those who matter in my life and discarding with contempt those who value not, my feelings for them. I have stubbornly deleted those nefarious feelings which I used to harbor for those who hurt and maimed my affections for them.

I am now free of my own acerbic emotions for the malicious reactions & actions of those malevolent few.

I have got it right, finally after several years of doing it wrong. I celebrate each Valentine day, every year, loving my close, chosen circle of splendid beings.

Shinning bright amongst the densely foliaged humanity, holding my own and retaining my individuality therein – what can be more satisfying?
Love the vibrant green of the New Zealand fern.
The journeys may be different, so also the views and outlooks, no doubt but how we deal with its vagaries makes it outstanding!

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