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Certain incidents and events and moments stay with us as if frozen in time. They also stay as vivid memories essentially because we keep remembering them and repeating them over and over. Each weekend we would sit down in the evening with something baked and whipped up by my Mom while Dad would set up his projector and out would come those lovely transparencies. They contained our growing up years and our trips around the country and all our different postings documented like no one else would or could. The result has been that there is nothing about my childhood which I do not remember. And every slide would have us recollect what happened before and after that moment of the click.

Old habits die hard. I continued to document and capture our life and its moments till smart phones tried to relegate the cameras to a background. But being a tough nut to crack, I used my DSLR always and loved the thrill and the special feeling of clicking the old-fashioned way.

Our travels bring before us the vast scape of the lives and times of people around us. Each instant is a flash in time and all such flashes put together create that twinkling moment. A short and a bit uncomfortable ride on the New York metro years ago led me to absentmindedly look around at the advertisements on the inside of the cabin cars. An interesting one caught my attention, enough for me to make a mental note of the website – I dared not take out my phone for fear of any vagabond trying to track tourists for that quick money. I made a note of the same in my phone the very instant that I found myself relaxed in that busy bee place.

That concept stayed with me and I used that idea for my Christmas gift hamper this year for a few selected friends.

The name for my recipe box came from a long time ago memory – again! A favorite term which my little toddler son often used and loved to elaborate upon was one amongst all the PYP traits taught/explained to them while in Kindergarten.

On a balmy winter morning as he played with his large collection of cars on the carpet with his glass of chocolate milk lying on the dining table for hours and me coaxing him to gulp it down from even longer. He continued as if nothing mattered. My rising irritation led my Dad to ask him why he would not finish his glass of milk. I heard from within ear shot, his reply which I have quoted many a times: “It is Ok Nana, I will drink it. You know baby (meaning himself!) is a risktaker – I am seeing how much Mummy will tolerate before she loses it….”. He went on to profess some more words of wisdom as a deductive three and half year old could.

From that PYP attribute came out: ‘Whisktaker’ and my risk-taking addiction to trying something new each time I connect with friends over festivals with wishes for them. I plan to turn it into my next big business idea….seriously! Work is on….

I asked friends who I sent my ‘Whisktaker’ recipe box to, to chronicle and capture/record how and what they did when they received my box which contained a recipe and all its ingredients too.

Some did try to my utter delight and I write in series about their effort and comments from that experience….

Look out for this space for more on my commercial venture starting soon and ping me individually for more details on the same!

A small idea takes flight!
My WHISKTAKER boxes for friends this Christmas! Coming to you too, if you would like to order yours!

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