It may be my shortest post to date because today I am speechless, I have been muted, I am stunned into silence. A million questions abound again in my mind and there is none which can be left out. Yet again I know that no one will answer them for I do not matter for my country. I can keep asking. I can keep anguishing over something or many of the things. I can keep feeling ashamed of actions by fellow countrymen. I can….Well, do a lot and more.

But I will not be listened too for I do not matter.

But I shall continue to hope because this not just my country but also my child’s. As a mother, a parent – I shall not lose hope for him. Our children look to us for that reassurance that all is well. Remember, recollect the time when they embark on to something which they are apprehensive off and doing for the first time, they all turn around one last time to look at you. I shall and want to be there, to look THAT ‘look’ squarely in the eye and send across the message of reassurance to my child and millions like him that we are not giving up on our country, yet!

A dormant gladioli bulb which was in hibernation since two years has just in the past two days decided to rise up to see our world again…..and has renewed my hope….MAYBE!
My small ‘bargat’ tree bonsai plant had me in tears since the whole of last year and even though it refused to sprout new leaves, I had not given up on it – religiously watering it, putting plant manure, thrive and looking after it like all else and it decided to let my endurance be rewarded and has renewed my hope…….MAYBE!

Maybe…..maybe…….maybe………(well, hoping for many things for my list is long!)

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