What being a MOM has taught me!

No clichéd quotes, no holier-than-thou assertions, my thoughts today come from that unique feeling of having someone in your life who you can truly call your own.

The 3.2 kg small, pink, slightly shriveled, insanely loud with his cries, piece of me, wrapped in the army hospital’s neo-natal unit’s huge red blanket, was the person who made me MOM!

That Momentous Overwhelming Moment when the sister walked in with this red bundle, after almost 48 hours of his being born, has stayed, as it is, with me. As my growing son walks into the different phases of his life and makes me walk through all of them as well, I find myself prepared to deal with challenges always. In the present COVID times too, this drill & repetitive practice has stood me in good stead – each day is a challenge requiring innovative interpretation!

That Magically Ordinary Memory  of scaring me before each milestone that he had to cross and then grin and then there being no stopping him till another was reached, had me learn to breathe deeply and console myself – All is well. In the present COVID times too, with each moment being novel, a deep breadth & a gentle pat on my heart helps keep sanity intact.

That Mighty Overload of Mistakes which helped him learn but made my heart beats’ run un-rhythmically was also something I learnt to live with since early on. As it would be a regular feature with his growing up years right into present day adulthood and in every stage the nature of the issue changed – the insanity of dealing with it remained the same. In the present COVID times too, every day is evolving into new disclosures and insights, but the absurdity remains the same.

That Mammoth Over-Simplifying Manoeuvring to always try to finish off everything assigned to him in either four lines or a one-step effort had me dashing to despair’s doorsteps within seconds of the act but got me used to this approach too. “Work has to get done, Mom, till the times the steps aren’t specified we are free to use our mind and apply it.” Truly true. In the present COVID times too, I find myself finishing off work in one-direction and not wasting even a single step in an extra manoeuvre.

My lists thus are perpetual. Add to this some measure of the clichéd references, some emotional angles and the perfect Mother’s Day blog is ready. However, I wish to keep it as different as possible not because I want to stand out but like all mothers some of our experiences are always similar, but many remain unique to our own situation with our child. It is these that I want to revisit as I got thinking when I received his phone call from yonder, wishing me today and telling me how much he missed being there with me. Liar!! With his university schedule, he is never there with me at this time of the year – but I know why he said it to me. And I love him for that – sometimes it isn’t in the actual meaning of the words but the implied one wherein lies all the difference.

Thanks Dear child, for keeping my learning on as also the feeling!!!

Mother’s around the world and across species remain the same: Home-makers. This little bird builds its nest in the safe haven of a money plant hanger pot in my friends balcony in another city.
Photo courtesy: my dear Friend, Ms. Swetha Choudhary
With home ready, we have the wait……First there was one, then there were two……
…….and then we were three…….the wait is difficult but the result amazing!
And then we arrive………The similarities are amazing: small, pink, shrieking…..Good heavens, all MOM’s have it tough! But it’s worth it completely!

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