An open letter to No one from No one!

I heard about some “open letter to Narendra Modi, PM of India” this morning. The context seems irrelevant because I had all the four gas burners on, two pressure cookers letting out shrill shrieks, a small tempering pan refusing to get its bottom burnt and a handi not heating up to the right temperature. With my kitchen slab cluttered with chopped vegetables, boiled potatoes, beaten rice and pureed tomatoes, I was in no mood to connect to the source of this “open letter”. I decided I wanted to write one of my own, to no one in particular, as no one would be interested in listening or reading about any letter by nobody, addressed to nobody!


I shall satisfy my angst as well as my writing bug. My few devoted followers would send me a few messages, a dozen likes, another half dozen comments and then the post would be relegated to the ‘published’ section of my blog. Worth it, still.

At least I’d have said my thing!

Sometimes letting some things off the chest helps me to pass my days. A few difficult times, many years ago had me having a conversation with my mom in my diary. It felt, cathartic to be having those conversations which I would have so wanted to have with her. Often the reply is not necessary – we all need a listening ear occasionally. So here goes………….

Dear everybody who does not matter,


Hope the lockdown is keeping you sufficiently occupied with mundane things. Now, how exciting can the home’s four walls get? Come on! People need to understand that most of us supposedly well-to-do beings, live in dwellings with a maximum of three bedrooms, an afterthought kitchen and a balcony which just decided to hang out there. For a majority, dwellings may not exist or may end as the inmates extend their feet or take a stretch. But then it doesn’t matter and it isn’t important because sprawling mansions with the train of outhouses for support staff or vertically stacked up building blocks of the rich have an influence which can turn an administration blind, deaf and mute – all at the same time, for they call the shots and make the rules.

Yet, take heart – all is well!

So, how’s the back? And the arms, the wrist, the neck, the feet – the general physical being? I am sure after the initial reluctance to fall in line – it has now resigned to its fate of a grinding, bending, twisting, squatting, stretching, reaching, and spinning. Gladly some gadgets would help a few of us. For many others it is fending for themselves with filling of drums, clocking for water, queuing for washrooms, begging for rations and food. As we dwell on all of this I guess, it is not imperative for anyone to ask any pertinent questions, at this stage too.

Yet, worry not – all is well!

In the rush for earning a livelihood, with hopes for a better future, every one of us got busy in making the most of the scarce resources, thus leaving the unscrupulous, unwatched. The lack of eyes on them, a failure to question them ‘right’ and the inaptitude of the ‘educated’ masses to use their erudition with the right mix of conscience and integrity has led to the chosen few rogues to don the cap of elected representatives and then get down to institutionalised, legitimate looting of national resources, national pride and national strength.

Yet, don’t fly off the handle – all is well!

Also, hope the non-commuting, stay at home and other COVID rules are being followed by you to the strictest possible interpretation? It must be that way you know! After all we are to be the law-abiding citizens of this country and not doing the same shall jeopardise the rest of the nation. Please keep heart that you’ve been entrusted such a vital answerability  & accountability of national interest irrespective of the fact that some can break or make anything and still get away laughing all the way either to their faith, or their resorts, or their family and friends or even big fat weddings. Rules remain to be followed by those who were not breaking them anyways. The ones who disregarded them or snook their nose at them, are the ones who make them, for us. But remember, they made it for us – not for themselves. Thus, let us not find fault with that!

Yet, keep your cool – all is well!

Finally, before I sign off to get myself a cup of cocoa or possibly a strong cup of coffee, to ward off the overwhelming feeling of wanting to push off our nation’s netas off some cliff into nowhere, I want to check on how you are holding up mentally after 45 days of the lock-down?

As you continue following the rules while seeing the high and the mighty break them, governing your lives in less to make it more while realising that for some still, the more is always less, working and multitasking from home while observing that ‘essential services’ fail to include some vital facets like education and infra building of healthcare, trying to build up on your own value by spending time with family and honing your already well-developed sense of fairness & realisation of how greed has brought us to our knees while surveying the fact all around that innumerable contributions and donations made to a long list of funds floated by known personalities has gone unaccounted for and is still insufficient for everything – I hope you aren’t getting too depressed and still holding up well?

For the list doesn’t end here and in 45 days of a lockdown our nation’s governments have had to announce pay cuts from salaries of those whom it gives itself while ignoring all those who feature in the world’s richest Who’s Who – Forbes list, then it tells us that millions are starving as if we were responsible for not generating those jobs and planning for their livelihoods, asking us to stay indoors so that they can get prepared with hospitals and ICUs and beds and infrastructure for a billion plus population. And this they want to achieve in 45 days – something which they could not do in 73 years since independence?

Yet I hope you are holding up well and not getting this pull you down emotionally – all is well!

Or do you remember that like you I too cannot blame anyone at all because like you I do not matter too. Don’t bother too much as they blame each other and then blame some more of their own tribe and have got down to playing yet another game of politics with vote banks on their mind, where again me and you do not feature – so in between all of this and with all of this: How’s the Josh??? (Josh = enthusiasm ; a Hindi language word)

My remains high because in my half a century of existence in my own country and on planet Earth, I’ve never had it easy, wasn’t born with the proverbial silver spoon of wealth but of values, high thinking, simple living and loads of democratic family upbringing – so have made the best of every situation and shall continue to do through this as well!

You take care of yourself too and hold yourself together, do not lose heart, for you must remember that Earth hasn’t given up on us yet. In fact it has demonstrated that it did not require the spending of millions in conferences and deliberations to have to save it but the spending of time indoors by millions of us, inside our homes to heal it again.

Remember dear friend, the sun continues to rise each morning at different times around the globe, the seasons continue to happen as they used to, too and apart from us everything is heaving a sigh of relief. I seriously feel the COVID times is an “Open letter to Mankind” from the almighty power above us, asking us to stay in our shoes and not try to don any other hat but ours and definitely not try to usurp the role of God himself.

Do take care and hope to see you on the other side of this ‘open letter’ times!

With love,

Your fellow Nobody

Inspite of the darkness of credibility and reliability not just now but always, i want to keep my hopes alive in my country……..anything can get out-of-color or off-color but my tricolor should hold us together with our faith in goodness alive!!
Much like this lovely image of the Indian Tricolor fluttering in the breeze outside and caught so imaginatively by my husband from his office window!

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