Looking beyond our ABC’s

The fearful steps, the teary eyes,
Sitting on the steps, a teacher’s sweetie-pie,
The reluctance to leave the soggy hands
Looking anxiously for Mom in the stands.
The A2Z challenge started out much the same,
The fearfulness was from the special 26 game,
Meaningful blogs to complete
With anxiousness of alphabet deadlines to meet.
The years go by and it seems unreal
Its only anecdotes which the stories reveal,
Each step taken to reach a higher grade,
Signifies an innings well-played!
The A2Z challenge was a race run well,
To which it is hard to bid farewell,
But all good things need to end
Lessons learnt, is on which its value depends!
An educator in me sees similarities here,
And why not, for learning is like a sphere,
There is no beginning to its end,
And always about time well spent!
My talented nephew uses the lock-down for some time well-spent! His painting of the Red-Indian – an impression!
Madhubani painting tried by cousins far apart by two cities – the left by the younger of the two ………there’s an art in every thought and every writing!
Seemed so appropriate – my book ends!!!

2 thoughts on “Looking beyond our ABC’s

  1. Perfectly captured the essence of the AtoZ!! Congratulations! I loved the paintings also.. the one on the right has the lady wearing a mask.. a new essential part of our wardrobe now!


    1. Thank you….yes so true of our times, now….seems almost premonition fro it was done earlier than these times – at least a bit before!


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