Ooh! The liveliness, the zing in life!!

Gusto to remain grounded due to my values and real because of my candour.

Energy to be mature and to love & show my feelings yet be mellow & young at heart.

Spirit to think in a superior way and act more competently.

Drive to remain as cool as well as hot, be sensible yet do child-like stuff.

Vigour as there are voyagers who have dared to journey, with me till today and who refuse to stay away from journeying with me onwards too.

Sparkle because of the loving family while being simple due to well-suited friends.

Elan to love more completely, smile more attractively, communicate more effectively, and be ME, more completely.

But most importantly because I am associated with people who help make me a better person, a superior risk-taker, a worthier friend, an improved version of myself and that is where the liveliness and the zing in my life comes from!

…the many influences in my life!
….looking always for the positive ……
…..the silver linings and the glow of hope……
…setting my sights high but never entering the rat race…..
…I always go where Life takes me and with zero regrets!

4 thoughts on “Ooh! The liveliness, the zing in life!!

  1. Amazing selection of words Anjali, I missed all your post, have to catch all that, looking for an ebook of all posts. Congratulations for successful completion of A2Z.


    1. Thanks….glad you liked my writing!


  2. I enjoyed this – very happy and uplifting. Congrats on finishing A to Z Challenge!


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