Write, Written, Writer!

A pictorial journey from my first book to the second!! And what a journey it has been indeed……I have written my heart out about people and my work and my passion and my profession.

My very first announcement to the world that I was attempting to become an Author – I know none took me seriously! Which was the fun of it all!!!
My very first attempts at advertising about my journey…..I was learning too!!
And then I announced the date….I guess people would have sat up now…..Blast! She was serious after all – I think I heard it everywhere!!!
I then give a sneak peek at my book cover – Oh I was proud of what I had achieved!
I announce my second book too…in quick succession in early August 2019, just a month after my first book – I am sure many thought me to be nuts!!!
Another date, another journey….rest as they is history!!!
I try my hand at being innovative with my photography about by Author profile!!

2 thoughts on “Write, Written, Writer!

  1. I loved both your books….some part I read religiously some I skimmed through but it gave me a lot of food for thought ..
    Ever since I had your hand made desserts, I am hoping your next book is on those delicacies so we can satisfy our sweet tooth cravings.


    1. Thank you……Hmm…..now that’s giving me ideas and some food for thought!!😉


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