I value all those in my life….

Some people cross our paths accidently, others we run into by coincidence. Some others happen to where you are, others make sure you come into theirs. Some like family are decided by destiny and often have no choice but to remain by your side and put up with all your wackiness. But the ones which fall in the earlier category remain because of that special bond we call friendship.

We all have such dears and jewels around us who make everything bearable and endurable. Never live your life with regrets. Never be apologetic about being emotional. Never be ashamed of expressing and showing your care and concern. Never be hesitant about saying your ‘sorry’. Never be disconsolate for too long if someone did not value you.

The heartache over things not done then is never worth spoiling our now. Act when you need to. Do what you feel you want to. The ‘now’ is always more precious than your ‘then’.

Value all things which happen in your life for they have happened for a purpose. Value all those who are in your life because they have made it so much better than you could have done by being just on your own. Remember nothing transpires because of a naught. And nothing emerges till something happens.

Mistake not that sparkle to be the energy or the oomph for it may be the spark which may raze everything to a rubble. Rather kindle the sparkle with your energy for life, for that will be the real oomph which could spark and kindle a fire of enthusiasm and hope. Keep your faith for not all firestorms leave only destruction in their path, they often also leave an eye-opening annihilation of a life lived wrongly & erroneously.

We only need to retain our belief of conviction that we shall redeem our lives by valuing those close to us through trust.

Keep the focus, keep the faith and rid your mind of cobwebs of doubt!
Look out & keep a hawk-eye for all those who were there for you when you needed them the most – for don’t forget that many a frog does come out in the rains, but it is the ones which brave the rains for you, with you are the ones who really matter!

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