I want to….

I want to meet my friends

I want to have my son home

I want to travel to my favourite places

I want to be with my dad

I want to be able to ride out into the chaotic traffic

I want to be able to walk into a store

I want to be able to see the rushing public

I want to see the overfull buses

I want to see the endlessly running Metro trains

I want to take two hours to cover a twenty-minute stretch of road

I want to be able to bake and send and show off to my friends my baking skills

I want to hug my friends who need me now

I want to walk the dog poop littered road in my colony

I want to see the noisy vegetable markets

I want to be held up at my colony’s turning because of an ongoing sale nearby

I want to swear and get angry at people crossing the road at their free will

I want to see people hungrily lapping up goodies from small shanty shops

I want to hear the honking of busy traffic waking me early morning

I want to have options every weekend

I want to proudly say I hardly go out

I want to get back to my normal routine

I want to get my life back!

Sigh! When will i be able to travel home?
When will I get to see my boy?
When do I meet with friends?
When will the road get ahead seem crystal clear?
When will the happiness bloom and dispel this gloom?
I am hoping the sunrise of HOPE will appear over the world soon!

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