Doing what everyone doesn’t do!

Its fun sometimes to be different. It’s advantageous always! For starters, people never forget you. Another by-product is that your own life isn’t mundane! Mind you which is different from ‘normal’. I love normal, I hate mundane!

Going overboard helps,
Otherwise there's nothing else.
For doing the ordinary is boring,
And I hate the world ignoring!
I teach with heart and soul,
With the larger picture as the goal;
I indulge my friends with love & care,
Making it beyond compare.
Thru good health & illness I work the same,
My family can find no other flame!
My techniques are uniquely different,
I am often mistaken to be belligerent;
But when of pure heart, I operate,
It's authentic intention which dominates!
My duty towards those I love is my worship,
That's what keeps me stirred-up;
Blindly following ritualistic ways,
Without questioning devotion or the rules maze,
Is something I find myself far away from
For to the humdrum I cannot succumb!
I love & cherish with a twist,
Yet with myself I have a tryst,
Not to be fake but legitimate,
Just as it is educated and not literate!
It never was about being extreme,
It wasn't about any dream;
Always it remained elementary,
Having enough & never plenty.
I was taught to be transparent,
I have known no other propellant,
To keep my affinity with my fellowship,
And understandings alive in my friendships!
Being tangible in act, authentic in thought,
Lends a personality a thousand watt;
Doing what everyone does,
Remember folks, hardly ever creates a buzz!
I bake differently!
I celebrate national festivals differently!
I encourage differently!
I teach even more differently!
I pamper friends differently!
I celebrate festivals differently!
I design & plan differently!
My friends & colleagues respect me differently!
I have friends who look at education differently!
I give my child experiences which make him think differently!
I was encouraged for my writing differently!
I was reported about differently!
I became an Author, differently!

And the most astonishing attribute of being different is that some incredibly phenomenal folks have always walked into my life! Opposites attract??

Nah!! Incredible does!

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  1. Awesome mam


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