A Normal Day

  I need normal days more,
The ordinary is what I desire,
Each sunrise with another morning chore,
Knowledge of each routine known prior!
Putting my feet on the ground off the bed,
Wiping sweat off in the sauna kitchen,
Believe me, I want nothing more aforesaid.
For it indicates to me the trueness of my wishing!
No time to rest, doing mundane things,
Yet getting time for all the important affairs;
Gives my happiness wings
For I know that normal gets my 3 cheers!!
I love my days as normal,
Though in my working style,
I’m borderline crazy & abnormal,
But life’s a vocation where regular is always worthwhile!
Keep my days normal – no tamasha, no drama….but I do not prefer that in my creativity!
Normal there is definitely boring!
Say “Hi” to Mr. Picklehead!!
No explanation required!!
Is it?

6 thoughts on “A Normal Day

  1. 👌🙏


  2. Indeed no explanation required!! But being weird is a side effect of being awesome…….Isn’t it????


  3. Being weird is new trend 😉


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