Why don’t we celebrate each other’s success?

  I look around and find chaos,
There are people rushing in rush hour,
In life’s race to the ‘top’,
An important part we all continue to crop.
Each of us achieves something,
We may not be good at everything;
Yet small or big, each has work to show,
Why do we not help each other grow?
The race will always remain,
But should it lead to a relationship strain,
If instead of one, all could have come first,
Then the English language for a new word would thirst!
My skills are different from the next,
My strengths are mine & it’s for the best;
I contribute in one special way,
The other, over work has another sway!
What’s the big deal if I am good?
There’s also something at which I am dead wood!
If we encourage each other along,
Just imagine how much we’d love to belong!!
If I understand English and design,
There’s someone out there with a different shine,
If each of us can complement the other,
The workplace would change altogether!
The rivalry is restricted to no one skill,
And each passing year the competition gets shrill,
At the beginning of careers, there could be an excuse
But after reaching the moon & back, why tie this noose?
The wisdom has dawned on me
After many a sunrise later, to let it be;
Oh! Countryman, do wake-up & listen to the wise,
It’s just not worth it to pay the price!
The ‘top’ should be your standard not mine,
The ‘success’ should make YOU feel fine,
To celebrate another’s success is bliss,
Something once you try, shall not want to miss!
There is only one person who can claim to be perfect – The Creator, himself!
Surprisingly, he has given us the perfect world with no airs nor any preconditions!

And for everything man-made we throw our weight around – weird but truly sad!

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