When I was younger, I would use this line with an immense sense of worldly-wise pride. And would leave people truly impressed. Their reactions kept on reinforcing my flair at using it and being an above average smart earthling, I knew exactly where to use it for maximum effect.

Over a period of time, it started to gain more meaning for me and like everything else in my life, whatever I have believed with conviction tends to become a reality. So did the importance and far-reaching impact of this sentence. If you are to think of it lucidly, quietly, it makes a lot of sense.

Forgive – for there’s no point in harbouring ill-will for long. Leave alone ‘long’, there’s no point in harbouring it for any amount of time. If it happens, it does. No big deal! If it hurts, as initially all injuries do, so what? If one falls and grazes one’s knee, the pain stays for days together as a grim reminder that we should have been careful while walking or running or whatever it was that made us trip and get that hurt. But do we stop walking/running or doing whatever, it was that we did earlier? No! The only difference is that we get more careful, as the memory of the pain from that hurt remains. So, we ‘forgive’ the floor/ground/stairs (as if one has a choice!!) – whatever caused that hurt – but never ‘forget’.

I have applied this mantra in almost everything in my life. And everyone in my life. It also comes from the fact that I happen to have a long memory but a very selective one. Also, I try to keep away useless information. Cannot overload the small brain of mine, can I?

Try it. You won’t regret it.

Someone hurt you – remember the why, forgive the who. Remembering of the ‘why’ will prevent you from doing it to anyone else. For if you did not like it being done to you, then do not do it to others. (And if you do, then your category is someone not part of my present blog! Apologies.) Forgiving the ‘who’ isn’t to make you into an inspirational speaker or guru or baba but will get you peace of mind. For your fretting and fuming will not do the ‘who’ any harm. As it is the ‘who’ being the unpleasant, ghastly person, would not be thinking at all about you. Thus, give the ‘who’ no such pleasure.

Another person who loves to ‘forgive’ and lets life go on normally, for at least some time, but never does it ‘forget’ is: Karma. And this is no luck by chance, its destiny.

 ‘Que SeraSera‘ – ‘Whatever will be, will be’ which means that the future is up in the air, and whatever is going to happen, is going to happen. (Thank you Google babadev) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZbKHDPPrrc)

Sorry, if I forgot to mention, somewhere in this song is embedded this thought of mine. Also embedded are memories of the sound advice from a mother who always kept me rooted, in reality and wisdom.

The Port Arthur Historic Site – remembering the history is being erudite and wise for “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” so said George Santayana.
Our visit to this site reminded me of what I have just written in my blog: They forgave but never forgot!
The flour mill which housed the inmates in its new avatar of ‘prison’ – now preserved as a grim reminder of what those times were like.
“We are not makers of history. We are made by history” – Martin Luther King, Jr

The convict jail with memories of the past.
The Port Arthur Historic site is one of the 11 historic sites that together form the Australian Convicts Sites World Heritage property.
The Port Arthur Historic site
The picturesque locale hides a grim and often sad history!


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