To the Men who make daughters brave & sons better human beings!

  An undying belief in their talents,
Spurring them to achieve anything,
Holding all things in life to be a balance
Letting them take every step with a spring!
Strong fathers help young ladies to fly high,
They even help young men to better themselves,
Allowing each to fly high into the blue sky,
Teaching them to compete with only yourself!
All strong women have a stronger father,
All human young men have a humane pop,
This goes on to make wonderful daughters
And sons who are the best of the crop!
With compassion comes benevolence,
With strength comes dynamism,
All of which leads to excellence
Of thought, action & a charismatic magnetism.
Some fun celebrations by a son for his father not so long ago…..time does fly!!
A Happy Father’s day from a strong daughter to a stronger father! Salut!

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