Biased towards the enchanting magic of the Iconic Personas in my book: The DECCAN TRAILBLAZERS!

Dear Everyone and my Icons,

Hola, Bonjour and Namaste!

(I may clarify that there’s no specific reason for the choice of these greetings except that they are easily recognised & most of us earthlings are familiar with these)

Have been a huge fan of Enid Blyton. And the Faraway Tree almost tops the list of my favourite books, though not being the only one. Hence the fight for the top position on my list is eternal but I have told my ‘friends’ – the Books – that much like the changing lands atop the Faraway Tree they can keep sharing the limelight on a rotational basis.

It’s very difficult to make favourites. As a teacher, for me this becomes even more challenging for my mindset never allows me to do any favouritism in my classes or in my work. Being unbiased is a quality I love to wear on my sleeve, all the time. To immense benefits both professionally and personally.

Coming back to being unbiased. The advantages of this are many. Apart from all the regular ones, of being more accepted, widely respected – “the works” (Thank you, Air New Zealand for this term!) – it also has other pluses. I for one, use it for being ‘unbiased’ in my criticism too. Professionally, it’s always related to the situation & work but I am leaving that out for now for bringing in ‘work’ at this stage makes no sense, for since I am out of ‘work’ at the moment, it isn’t fair on ‘work’ at all, I feel. Poor thing cannot even defend itself.

So, I move on to being unbiased about being critical of ‘me’. For starters, I am in sync with Baba Twinkdev that had I been more unbiased of my reasons for my weighty issues, then surely some diet would have found favour with me and I would have achieved that enchanting ‘size zero’ too. Instead of being biased towards their so called ‘claims’, I may have taken up at least one. But living and eating healthy is priority and here Baba Googledev is of great assistance.

Thus, every time I ended up with a firm desire to start a diet – keto/non-dairy/vege/balanced – any kind, I ended up realizing that I do not fall into the carbon-footprint- leaving category at all. For processed food and eating out aren’t on the top of my lists at all. So, I figured it was the degenerative weather which prevented me from taking up any outdoor activity with enthusiasm. (Love you New Zealand for this is so possible on your shores!) And not being self-conscious about my looks has always helped. All diet plans end up being dumped. And I end up not achieving my enchanting size zero! (And my family says they don’t mind for there’s more of me to love! Love you guys!!)

Another thing which I am unbiased about is the usage of the vocabulary of the English language in all its glory and for all kinds of situations. It’s fun to use the most unusual words for simple things and the most unassuming words for the grandest of stuff. Like I am being increasingly asked, as people are coming to know of my book, as to why do I call the educationists featured in the book: ICONS. I gave a politically correct answer but its my example about using “the most unassuming words for the grandest of stuff”.

However, with regards to my book I have of late become partial towards all those who feature in it. I was calling them “Icons” till now but with a wider audience getting to know of my book and messages of congratulations starting to pour in, I have fondly come to call all greats: “my Icons”. Honestly, this is how it started. I found them inspiring; remember, the ‘personal tribute’ angle which I mentioned somewhere too.

Being ‘filmy’ runs in our blood too, I guess. After all Bollywood would not have acquired such a status if we – 2 million of us – had stayed away from the PVR’s and the IMAX’s. Would it? Nah! Therefore, coming soon to bookstores near you will be the book starring the Iconic Personas in and as THE DECCAN TRAILBLAZERS! (But before that there shall be more! Look out for this space!)

Are you ready, ICONS? How’s the josh?
My ardent supporters, my friends, my life-line!!!
This note from Ms. Sakshi energies me with its purity of thought and genuineness of intentions – I guess I couldn’t ask for more!!
Another expressive soul, Ms. Deepika is herself a very active Blogger, book reviewer, hands-on Mom and a fine teacher.
You can find out more about her thoughts on:
Some wonderful people have been part of my journey as an educationist and all have made me a better person and leader than I already was – Ms. Kamna was also part of a small group of educationists who along with me, worked hard each day to make learning more meaningful……I hope each of us can find something of relevance for ourselves in my book!
Super talented, vivacious and a passion for making learning meaningful – this is how I would classify the bunch of PYT’s with whom I had the good fortune of working for a few months – Ms. Madhavi, now in a leading school in another southern city of our country, was part of that group.
Being with them made my work more worthwhile and meaningful; hope all of them extract their own valuable lessons from my book!
This one word appreciation from Ms. Valentena quite sums up my own feelings as I reached another milestone in my book publishing journey today – my manuscript came to me with the final designing done for a final proof reading!
Thank you everyone – all who have been part of my journey till now, will be part of it henceforth beyond today into the twilight of our lives together!!!

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