My 100 word challenge continues…..

Should I? Or Should I not? Much like the famous and oft quoted: To be or not to be?! But then I threw all caution to the wind – answered my first question above with a firm: Yes, I should! Thus, came the following stories both a take from moments which I can find reverberating somewhere, sometime from my life. If you have not experienced it, you cannot write it – so said my English teacher, Sister Corolla, in high school. There’s always a little of us in everything we do, only in my case, there’s always a whole lot more. I don’t mind, some others don’t mind either, yet some more couldn’t careless but those who matter to me, love me for it – what more could one ask for? A solitaire? Or a castle somewhere in Scandinavia? Garn! (like Eliza Dolittle) I shall settle for friends and family instead! I am a woman of simple taste, I am a simple woman! (apologies Professor Higgins!)

Farsighted & heart in right place?

We lose some, we keep some. She wasnโ€™t very sure which one it had been. Choices never revealed their results till a long time after. Not all people were friends, nor all friends ordinary.

The business of being together was like their florist enterprise. Nurturing the plants, raising & cultivating them was so much like the friendship they shared. The weeds were always there but the farsightedness to hoe it away remained. Yet it did not happen in real life as sadly, the heart moved another place & farsightedness got lost in the junk.

I do not look too much in close-up or zoom – I enjoy the sights and my life from wherever I am – on top of everything or down somewhere; have been everywhere once in a while – each place has taught me something – each moment shown me a better tomorrow!

Surgical Strike (!)

A decision had been taken at the highest level. It was decided that all shall strike together. It had to look impulsive, without planning.

On a hot summer morning, while most slept, the potted plant was carried in reverence. Elsewhere two other computer screens flickered, as 2 other sisters booked tickets online. All dates synchronised. And then it happened.

The crash was loud, strategically placed, straight faced. The family decided the lady-of-the-house needed a definite break.

The shattering of the pot led to an immediate reservation, a holiday. One sisterโ€™s set-up led to a threesome holidaying together.

Looking for fun in everything should be the motto in life – why bother about the far-not-to-be-seen future especially when we know not of the next moment?
A Halloween decoration done sometime back – I ‘boo’ away my worries & cares and dip into the ‘lucky draw’ of my life’s moments – always!!!

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