My 100 word challenge to myself!

I was advised some time ago to keep the length of my Blogs short. Several reasons were enumerated and explained. But alas! I cannot shorten the length of thoughts. I tried but failed. Half an hour later I could not understand what I meant and why I had written thus. However, it got me thinking. How about throwing myself a challenge. Who better to compete with than yourself and emerge a better version too after that, I thought. I love these duels with myself. So I threw myself this 100 word limit challenge. My story – a first attempt at something mushy romantic and another my signature thought comparison are both restricted to a hundred words.

To Sea and away…..

A small wave. The distance didn’t matter. From the sailboat’s window across towards the pier, their eyes met. She was busy with the morning meal. He was reading a book and looked beyond and caught her looking too. He squinted to figure out what she was busy with, she smiled, swashed her chef knife, flicking away a blonde lock of hair as well, with her hand. Holding his hand to his heart, he acted stabbed in love & reached out with an outstretched hand. She stretched hers within the boat, they touched with a wave. Lo! The boat set sail.

Is that boat? I wonder!
  Never Enough!
What is more crucial,
The dough – not of bread,
But like the blueberry, strawberry
Colored of monopoly but real instead?
Or is it the spirited life,
With family, friends & energy
All kinds of living wildlife,
Two legged, four, six, whatever will be?
I choose the second
Which I want in large portions,
The colored dough, I reckon
Would come second behind emotions.
Time spent, memories made,
Beautiful locales steeped in history,
Many more recollections man-made,
Are so imperative & no mystery.
Some say the colored variety
Is never enough,
I say my quality time spent on Earth is, instead.
Colors of a different kind… scrumptious lunch on my holiday, making my time on Earth worthwhile!
There should always be a ‘looking beyond’ from the present to the future – then it would not be difficult to figure out what should be kept in focus.
The sea beyond at Rottnest Island, WA

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