Several years from Now……

For all those people who have crossed my path, either becoming family, just like family, becoming my friends, remained just acquaintances, remembered me, did not remember me, worked with me, loved working with me (as opposed to ‘worked with me’!!)………this is dedicated to all of you!

Several years from now, it would not matter,
What I wore, which car I drove,
Which house I lived in,
How much money my bank account had,
Neither which post, I held where.
For the World sees me for who I am -
For the person I am & who I chose to be;
I wasn’t raised in a mansion,
Never fed with a silver spoon,
I wasn’t given everything I asked for
Because that wouldn’t have been true.
I was well read,
I saw goodness around me,
I was appreciated & loved –
All of which made me strong.
Many people have come into my life all these years
And have helped to make me who I am
But I want to thank all you beautiful people out there,
For being the ones to pave the way
Which helped me reach my goals, the milestones,
Helped me stay on track, made me want to excell,
Made me love my work, appreciate what I had,

And make me a fortunate & grateful human being!
This curious sculpture in one of the vineyards I visited said: “Chair for contemplating” – hmmm, we need to reflect back on our lives once in a while to take stock of what has been and what we want it to be!!!
I’d definitely be found here, if left to myself, not just to think but to be next to my favourite lavender flowers and their mesmerizing fragrance!!
Hidden from view like these grapes, many of us love to leave a mark on society;
if we seek no limelight it isn’t because our work wasn’t significant but because we quietly want to let our work speak for itself – a more powerful way to announce we’ve arrived, I feel!!!
Also there’s the added advantage of being appreciated genuinely – works perfectly for me!

In the vineyards the fruit has to be kept safe from the birds by covering huge areas with netting.
Here we could see in close-up the healthy and fresh grapes in a bunch.
We all start off in this world with a clean slate, an empty plate and a blank canvas…’s upto us what we choose to write on it, what we decide to fill it up with and how we plan to paint it!
This scrumptious meal at the Oysters’ Cove in Bluff, New Zealand is both visually appealing as well as delightfully delectable!
In my passage of LIFE, numerous people have crossed my path or flown with me:
* some have left an enduring impact on my psyche,
*some have taught me lessons which have stood me in good stead,
* some which I never wanted to learn,
* some have loved me as if I can do no wrong,
* some have hated me, others have admired me

* some have tolerated me, as I have tolerated them,
* some have become friends, some friends I have lost
……………in short, everyone has made an impact, influence and imprint on me!

The corridors of St. Catherines were lined till their ceiling with these cute origami birds in such large numbers, that it was surreal walking underneath them – almost as if beckoning us to let go of our inhibitions, take flight and soar high up in the skies – and
the University beckons the kids to do just that!!

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  1. Awesome 👍

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    1. You are on my list of influencers!!!😍💕

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  2. So very true.

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