What’s UP!!!

In recent times, a small gesture, a thoughtful line,
A bunch of flowers, some knick-knack,
A birthday remembered, a return gift as a sign,
Souvenirs picked for pals on travels abroad & back.
Some hamper put together for someone kind,
Keeping in mind someone’s craving or will,
Fulfilling it for buddies just to remind,
That someone remembered them out of goodwill!
Notable when least expected by them,
Being caring, responsive, and kind
Being humane & sensitive instead of numb
In short just being humane as mankind.
Has led folks to ask me more & more
The question which has begun to haunt,
To pre-occupy & plague my mind to the core
As they ask the question & an answer they want!
“What’s UP?”, they ask, each time
I reach out, I attempt to touch
The lives around me – well, is it a crime?
To show love & care this much?
And I am compelled to think,
To stand & ponder
To try and understand the missing link,
And ask myself and wonder.
To fathom the context,
To understand the other’s perspective & query,
How to explain to all that there is no contest,
Just to appreciate & enjoy, there is no theory!
My time and moments with family & friends,
Comes instinctively as breathing & gets me dividends,
This approach for my relationships is the master key;
There’s nothing more satisfying, friends!!
Thus, the question “What’s up” I get asked
Through baffled, bewildered lips,
As mates, buddies & pals are aghast,
Why I do not follow the set scripts!!
When we lend a sympathetic ear
To a sad and lonely soul,
What’s up? – should not be what we hear,
Its our duty to show compassion & console.
When someone needs for us to stand-up,
And fight for them, their right,
What’s up? – should not be on our minds,
If we can, our friends we should back-up!!
A cute gesture from the bottom of your heart,
To show someone an added care,
What’s up? – should not be a part
Of big-eyed questioning, as it shouldn’t be rare!!!
Why was the gesture done?
What was she thinking?
Sure, she wants something from someone!?
Or has some hidden agenda, they start linking!!!
Some guffaw, some sneer, others giggle,
Almost always they do not believe the gesture,
They roll their eyes & pronouncements get fickle,
There’s no point in giving a lecture!!!!
For it gets funny and irrational
The looks of uncertainty get comical,
And the verdict sensational
 Almost like a spell illogical!!!
Why ask: What’s up? For everything done,
 I’d ask my pals & mates
Why should something like this stun?
In fact, our love it demonstrates!!
Why can’t a simple deed be taken
And accepted with no ifs and buts
And not be mistaken,
For never forget – to be real takes a lot of guts!
Thus, I tell from the bottom of my heart
An innocent gesture surely shows
That I just care which sets me apart
As this is a choice I chose.
Believe me, this is what was accepted
This is what was called ‘normal’
 Not doing it, that was unexpected,
Asking: What’s up? -today, is abnormal!!!
I really cannot tell how but somethings, some situations, some people – they gladden my heart even without a word, without doing anything extraordinary – they just dazzle something inside me to instantly bring on a feeling of warmth, a spell which in the most lowest of moments brings a smile to my face and moistness to my eyes – feels like my mom’s embrace!!
I try through my small actions to bring on those same feelings for people around me – my friends, family, sometimes even just casual acquaintances for I want them to feel the glow of affection….. for who knows their time just before I did something for them was not so great?!
Who knows my gesture lifted their mood and made them feel okay – well then it would’ve been worth it, definitely!!!

Like this amazing scene from one of the streets in China, as they celebrate the Year of the Pig which my brother sent to me on one of his travels recently and though nothing in particular had me wistful that day – this glowing red Pig and those warm red lighted lanterns bought an instant feeling of happiness inside me!
As I see this, even now as I write, it infuses in me the feeling which a hot cup of ginger tea does in my hand as its raining outside and I snuggle on my cosy sofa to read a book on a monsoon day!!!
Lovely, the very thought!
The lovely chinese lanterns in a street in Honk Kong.
A delightful sight as this would lift the mood of any sad soul, I’m sure, anytime of the day!!
These beautiful blooms in Queens Park, Invercargill are in full bloom this summer and the emotions they evoke are radiance and cheerfulness!
Happiness can be sought in the most mundane tasks which may be part of our work – the only difference is that we should be able to tweak the ‘mundane’ and replace it with something exciting.
Doing the routine things in unusual ways is something I have mastered to continue to keep myself self-motivated at work!!
Here, to create a backdrop for a school event – I thought of doing it with the hand prints and foot prints of our Kindergartners and create our theme with it – the flowers, the tress, the sun….everything!
Not only was the effect stunning but the process of creating it was also as magical for the
kids had enormous fun painting with their feet and hands and tubs and tubs of paints!
Small packages of chocolate cupcakes – a total 380 + of them – all home baked was my idea of saying ‘Thank you’ to a very helpful team and company who helped me through some tough times!
There is no need to have very glaring or substantial reasons for doing something for someone and it definitely makes no sense to have doubts about whether you should show your love and care or not – I rush in, if I ‘catch the bug’ of doing something for someone – have never regretted it, believe me!!!

The return response has, one or several, stunned recipients thanking me with all smiles after it!!!
……………..the THANKS can take any form, any shape, can be done for a reason, without a reason, can be done with planning, without any planning, for a large group, for a single person – I revel in the fact that surprises always delight people and receiving gifts are as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids!
I enjoy doing it for a reason, without a reason – love to spread the joy which is in short supply, anyways!
In present times,
When friends are dwindling,
Screen time increasing,
Connections of the heart decreasing,
It only makes sense for some heart to heart kindling!!
So friends – don’t ask: “What’s Up?”
Ask instead: “Why Not?”

5 thoughts on “What’s UP!!!

  1. Having gone through it i was compelled to write.
    Relationships are like tide they ebb and flow.
    But wanting what to write.
    On digging the http://WWW…….
    I found some interesting quotes.
    “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”
    Henry Wrinkles
    “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”
    Audrey Hepburn
    “If you keep giving up on people so quickly, you ‘re gonna miss out on something great.’
    Robin, from How I met your mother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for penning in your thoughts…helps me understand, if I have understood what I started out to learn!
      Loved the “If you keep………………………something great” – agreed; I want to hold on to ALL the people I have known because I got to know them for I liked them, in the first place but they don’t think I am worth holding on to!! Sometimes sad but true!!!🙄👍


  2. Sometimes yes not always that brings us back to quote no. 1

    Liked by 1 person

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