Be my Valentine!

Another year has passed by,
Now V-Day has been wished goodbye.
The world shall await a year,
To put love into words sincere.
I am left wondering again,
Why only one day we choose to explain,
To our loved ones everywhere
That they are special with no compare!
I start to over-think too,
Why is it just a lovers’ do?
And what prevents it from meaning
About love for all our fellow-beings?
Can the tranny of thoughts & actions,
Stop everywhere to help us show compassion?
Can the senseless fights and conflicts,
End the emotional eclipse?
I find love in all actions – big and tiny,
All I look for is the intention done kindly.
For each show of love and every gesture,
Indicates a heart which beats together.
What more is required to live our lives?
How else can a human-being survive?
But small signs, kind words of monosyllables,
Which convey in frugal ways, love’s miracles.
We bring nothing to this world but a relationship
And take back nothing but some fellowship.
Then how come for a whole lifetime
Its only one relationship which is given prime-time?
“You are as deep as the ocean,
As soothing as a song,
As dainty as a flower, I as innocent as a child
And as sweet as honey come by.”
Words above came on V-Day for me,
From no lover, no boyfriend past on his knee,
But from my sis who thought of me with fondness,
Penning words which convey an instant warmness.
I have given V-Day love & gifts to people
Who bought care into my life when needed,
Those who stood by me in all kinds of weather,
Never bothering about anything but to be together.
 This day means everything to me,
As for everyone else in different degrees,
But to me it means much more too
For I want to be remembered fondly whenever I bid adieu.
Love can be found in any relationship, as it really should be!
I look to spread love and warmth everywhere – these small arrangements were surprise additions on the work-tables of my school Admin Team on one V-Day!
In doing something though, its prudence not to expect a reciprocity in emotions and gestures for it may never come – I remember the flowers, the moment, the gesture, I don’t think they do!
Yet, I do not shy from doing it again – do remember the deed reflects who you are, the reciprocal reaction reflects who they are!!!
On one such V-Day, thru a WISHING TREE , students in my school contributed with large hearts for food which was freshly made and distributed into the slums, under-priviledged schools, old age homes through an amazing organisation which has a world wide presence: The Robinhood Army.
( )
The professionalism of the RHA in my city not just gladdened our hearts but helped us spread cheer to more than 2500 individuals that year!
Love can be shown in a million ways, to a million different kind of people!
More than two decades ago, kids of a school I was associated with decided to draw, paint, sketch and express their love for their country’s soldiers and sent their cards to them on V-Day!
Love grows when you share, show it and express it in the myriad ways that a human heart can!
Let’s start to spread the cheer all around us in innumerable ways, so that on Valentine’s Day 2020, our stories are varied with assorted feelings and with diverse relationships!
My journey has started…what about YOU????

1 thought on “Be my Valentine!

  1. My aunt has sent in her comment just now:
    “A feeling of love is a joy forever,” she writes, “it binds us together forever. It is eternal & lasting forever, it is a feeling of natural belongingness, it is like a burning candle expels the darkness of tiny doubts. It stays like the fragrance of flowers, it stays like the moonlit rays, with the moon forever; It stays like the golden rays of the Sun forever; it is the wonderful and pure feeling of silence – as the Earth and Sky meet always at the horizon – Real love always blossoms till eternity. You are my Valentine – I am proud of you, such a lovely, talented daughter you are!!!”

    Thank you so much….these words have bought the warmest glow of happiness!!!😊👍


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