(a tribute to, an inspiration from Miley Cyrus)

A friend disregards –
We are broken.
A colleague connives –
We are broken.
A family neglects –
We are broken.
A child ignores –
We are broken.
Our thoughts slighted –
We are broken.
Our work discounted –
We are broken.
Our intentions doubted –
We are broken.
Our feelings over looked –
We are broken.
Given a cold shoulder –
We are broken.
Given a disdainful look –
We are broken.
Given a harsh tone –
We are broken.
Given an insensitive word –
We are broken.
When broken & shattered
Can we be repaired?
When broken & hurt
Can we be uplifted?
When broken & mutilated
Can we be fixed?
When broken & crushed
Can we be mended?
A broken mind
Can be remodelled!
A broken heart
Can be reshaped!
A broken friendship
Can be re-tailored!
A broken relationship
Can be rebuilt!
Broken can be repaired
With altered Mindsets,
Broken can be uplifted
With refreshed thoughts,
Broken can be fixed
With redesigned priorities,
Broken can be mended
With renewed hope!
Recuperate – the Feelings,
Change – the Circumstances,
Replenish – the Inputs,
Revitalize – the Thoughts
Bloom – into a new person,
Relax – into a fresh routine,
Bounce – into self-discovery,
Energize – into a brand new YOU!!!
Look for fun in everything – that shall keep you emotionally cushioned!!!
The sheep, on one of my many trips to the Catlins in the South Island, NZ, found me pretty amusing, I guess.
For they left their grazing to stop and stare: thrilled me to bits, for apart from my family, someone else thought I was a celebrity!!
Do a mental survey of all those things which are important, all those people who are important – segregate and sieve through all your relationships to reach YOUR own conclusion of what makes YOU happy, who makes YOU happy…….the ones topping your list are the ones that matter!!!
The Southland Museum in Invercargil, New Zealand was one of my must visit places whenever I was there and on one such visit their way of asking for vital information about their displays was unique in the fact that it was candidly specific!!!!
As you classify and discern for yourself what is important in you life – you are actually disallowing negativity and bitterness from entering your thoughts & feelings by dis-associating with things & people who add no value to your life!
In short, you are again connecting with yourself and thus becoming your OWN biggest ALLY!
In a jiffy, I could ascertain who had visited the museum and its displays the most – often its the same in our lives: It’s all there BUT we fail to identify & understand!!!
Never let the opinions of others and their baseless scrutiny of your life ruin your inner peace!
These Following Faces from the PUZZLING World in Wanaka, New Zealand did not leave us till we left the room but this was science at work, eliminate the illogical & frivolous meddling from irrelevant souls!!!
Don’t fall for the obvious, look for the clandestinely concealed meaning behind people’s words, the fake emotions, the phony concerns, the hidden good in morbid situations, the disguised blessings – for everything, my Friends happens for a reason, we only need to identify it later by staying strong now!!
The passage ways at PUZZLING WORLD, Wanaka, New Zealand

( )
look lovely with these pillars but look closely are they just that or is something else hidden within??? 
Could you find it/them? I refuse to give you a hint!!!
LIFE does have its mystic and bewitching ways of spooking us out but there’s a charm to this too, for it beckons us to look beyond the scary, disquieting, intimidating…etc. aspects of it, to find ourselves charmed and mesmerized by its wizardry!!!

This suspended out-of-no-where TAP, with the cascading and gushing water at PUZZLING WORLD, Wanaka, New Zealand looks supernatural at first glance but once you understand the science behind it, it seems so apparent & comprehensible…….so similar to our lives: learn to move from the known to the unknown!
BLOOM, my friends into the uniquely amazing individuals you all are and believe me, its worth it to pamper yourselves, for if you are not well looked after, how will you look after all those you love around you??

This Bulletin Board, one amongst the many extraordinary ones in the St. Catherines’ Student Halls @ UWA, PERTH seem to have captured the zist of LIFE itself: “Its not about _______, Its about making _______ happen” – each of us can fill in the blank ourselves, according to our life, our story!!
I choose this for myself:
“Its not about our happiness, Its about making the happiness in others’ lives happen”
Its YOUR LIFE, so it should be YOUR PERSPECTIVE of what kind of world, situations, emotions, people, thoughts – you want in it – When it is YOUR PHOTOGRAPH and the CAMERA is YOURS, how can someone else take that photograph, how can we allow anyone else to compose it for us, how can we let anyone else take ownership for that masterpiece??
When we are the photographer of our LIVES, its our Life, our perception, our composition and we are its lawful owners!!

1 thought on “BROKEN

  1. After going thru this post of mine my aunt has written, quoting Rabindranath Tagore: “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher in a storm but add colour to my sunset sky.”
    She quotes again from the Dhammapadas: “Come behold this world, which like unto an ornamental royal chariot, wherein fools flounder, but for the wise there is no attachment.”
    She ends with telling me that Life is inexplicable!!!

    I couldn’t agree more – we get love from the most unexpected of quaters and hate from our most closest well-wishers – life is indeed, inexplicable!!!!

    Thanks so much for this added perspective!!!


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