Musings from a zealous MIND!

Quite early on, even before society, kind of formally woke up to the thought of changing its thought processes regarding girls and their upbringing, I had a set of parents who were very clear about it. Yet they made no hue and cry over it. I was never made to feel that there was something which I couldn’t do but which my younger brother could. And being the elder amongst the lot, had its own advantages. I got to do everything first.

Rode the moped first. Drove first. Worked first.
But then social media, print media and society happened. Also happened the talk of bringing up the girls right. However, those growing up years spent in the vast cantonments made us independent.

Life in the forces helps one to be prepared for all kinds of exigencies and the exposure to that lifestyle tends to make us mindful, exercise constraint, appreciate the urgency, tolerate the hardships – in short, be prepared if you get into a jam!!

The Airforce Museum In Christchurch, New Zealand bought back into my psyche the life in the forces, yet again…….this wall covered with remembrance poppies for War Heroes of wars of the past brought both a continuity and solemnity!

Independence of actions teaches you self-reliance and also self-determination. It also gave me an opinion, a yard long. It also gave us a thought process, courage to express and the audacity to differ. Thus, I would speak fearlessly, wherever I had an audience who listened to me!

But sometimes I noticed it did not matter, for I was the proverbial drop in the ocean, and no one cared at all for my opinions. Except my friends and family, of which the latter had no choice at least in this lifetime, being the captive audience, having no choice but to put up with my whimsical thoughts, actions, opinions.

(Yet they did and have done quite well!! Their support hasn’t waned!!)

So I kept being radical in my thinking and my take has always been different from the multitude around. Like the debate of how we bought up our girls and what we taught them. I reasoned it never was about that. People found me a bit wonky yet I maintained:
Its ONLY is about what we teach, demonstrate, coach our boys to do and be.

When no one listened and thought my ideas were unorthodox, I made a promise to myself and to my world. I decided I would use my power!!

Being an educationist helped, for most of my adult life, I had a wonderful platform to educate and mould impressionable minds. So, I kept teaching the girls to be strong, self-reliant and the boys to be respectful and caring BUT I targeted the parents: for those with boys in their midst had to make sure that those little men were coached right!!

Let this life not be wasted,
Thru re-cycled messages and pictures,
But let this be a day of introspection
For all of you - wonderful people!
As to what you want your children to be.
To be simply: successful & doing well?
And how would you measure their success?
In terms of the money they earn?
Or the size of their house?
Or would it be in terms of how proud you are
Each time they speak, they greet, they behave
Without a cue from you,
Without a single stern stare?
Well, I made my choice as a mother,
Not now but years ago.
And I stand proud today,
For each time my child does this & even more

When he calls up each day from far,
And says a “hello” to me, even if brief,
When he jumps up & does not let me lift things,
When he waits his turn to speak,
When he does not argue even if he disagrees,
When he respects my choices & my friends,
Even if he disapproves of one or both,
When he arrives at the airport with his eyes searching
For me in the crowd & moves up fast,
To hug me & say: “I missed you Mom”
Well, that’s when I know that my race is won,
For this is what my race had to be and was about.
This is who I had to race with.
This is what drove me to race.
The race to be the role model, my child will cherish,
And like him a hundred more under my care,
The race to ensure they learn all this and more,

For after all, in all his schooling years,
I was not the only one training my child.
His mornings started with me,
His day was spent in his teachers’ care,
So along with some of them,
I had succeeded too,
In making him what he was today.
Thus, my race is always with my own thoughts and ways,
To be in someone’s reflections of gratitude,
Some parent, some friend, some random acquaintance,
Who’d think kindly of me,
For making a difference in their lives,
Like I sit today and thank them all
For they ran the race like me,
With themselves, for themselves, to be themselves,
So that my child could be himself!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-40.png
When the logic is strong and the belief even stronger, I guess it doesn’t really matter whether we are hybrid or wild – the only thing important is how we spruce up the environment around us!!
The daffodils growing in the wild in the parking of the Botannical Gardens in Perth, Western Australia stopped me in my tracks for in the midst of all the widerness they stood out so dramatically!!!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-41.png
…..or these lovelies which I couldn’t identify but they were stunners around there!
Never be afraid to stand-out, sometimes that’s the only way to get in!!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-42.png
or these…yellow beauties!
….And the red spidery ones!
All had their distinctive features, each added a different charm!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-44.png
Never let the approaching storm of emotions threathen your peace of mind, for never forget: sometimes the storm is required to have a clear day ahead and from this a clear head!!
The HongKong skyline looked menacing yet spectacular!!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-46.png
Focus on the road ahead…….
………this is the mesmerizing drive into the Catlins!!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-51.png
Once we decide and have our heads clear of ambiguity then the exsistence becomes languid and placid :
all seems at peace with us, we at peace with the environment!!
These ducks so make me jealous, each time I visit Queens Park, Invercargil – what a life!!!
And if all of the above fails, throw caution to the winds:
KEEP CALM and have a COFFEE!!!!

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