BE REAL! (for an original is worth more than a copy…..)

Look around you,
The flowers, the trees,
The sky, the grass on which the cows moo,
The animals & birds flying out to sea.
Are as real as they get
No mask, no lies,
Just themselves with no disguise;
They are very real, you can bet!
Come on humans, for once, get real
Do things the way it’s done,
Say what you mean & mean what you feel,
Try it, believe me it’s fun!
For time shall soon be up,
And you will be left alone,
As deceit has no back-up
And your monopoly will be overthrown.
When words & love come honestly,
And we cherish & appreciate with sincerity,
The feeling of joy comes with modesty
Then being real isn’t a rarity.
Speak not from behind a veil of deceit…..let everyone see the real you: pure of heart and true to self!
If only the fog would clear out from atop the BLUFF peak, it would reveal an astonishing coastline beyond!
Remain towering and majestic in the midst of all the fake drama!
This half a century old Pine tree has immense competition in the Queenstown Botannical gardens, each tree distinct & different from the other but with the same colossal feel: GRAND!!!
Being true to oneself brings out the intrinsic sweetness of the soul much like the mouth-watering homemade fudge of Patagonia Desserts in Queenstown, New Zealand!
Pure Indulgence!!!

6 thoughts on “BE REAL! (for an original is worth more than a copy…..)

  1. only few can understand ….. honesty


    1. Everybody is wearing a mask


  2. Very true ..the feeling of joy comes with modesty..beautifully penned 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joy does from being simple and REAL…..the right people shall value us thus….the others won’t matter!!
      Thanks for redaing, taking out time and appreciating it!!!😊❤


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