Slow n Steady wins the race – Let the race be with ourselves, for ourselves, to be ourselves……rather than(?)

Osna – the talented Turtle which set me on to write this blog…..way tooooooo cute!
I have started collecting my story characters & naming them too – a book in the pipeline?
Maybe, maybe not!!!
The sketch courtesy is of course, my talented Sis!!!

Each of us can have our own bucket list of what we want to race for. Mine is long and includes amongst other things to be able to leave a legacy behind me. I often wondered how I would be able to do it.

Its easier in the kindergarten – for life is simple – just a food choice……the cares and worries of the other half of the population mean nothing to a 6 year old!
(Chart courtesy is my work done some years ago)
But since those years were long past, my choices did not have to be just healthy but right too!!!

I wasn’t the richest in the world, which meant I did not have loads of money to pick a cause or a charity.

I wasn’t from a royal lineage which allowed me to have a silver spoon in my mouth even before I wailed for the first time.

I wasn’t into politics either, so I did not have a political party nor a following nor connections with industrialists, bureaucrats, the rest of the good and not so good part of society.

I wasn’t any young bright scion from any established iconic or recent novea rich industrialists’ family to be privy to a nasty bank balance due to my prized birth.

So, it got me thinking how I could leave my mark, my legacy behind. It was during my, many such moments spent in solitude with myself and my thoughts that I chanced upon thoughts which dated back several decades. It got me thinking that if I had the power to change something, what would that be and what would I do first.

I did not take more than a second to arrive at an answer: Change or undo all that I felt was wrong or wasn’t being done the right way around me.

This was fantastic. For how noble I was!!

A simple emoticon could sum up an entire activity’s importance for the l’le ones………
………….but for us to be balanced in not just food but our thoughts and actions requires sound judgement from our side and lots of judgements from onlookers, who needn’t be poking their noses into our business anyways!!!
(Chart courtesy from my work done several years ago)

 But then the pragmatist inside me jumped up from slumber and nudged me sarcastically to ask: How in practical terms will you do this? Which brought me back to where I had started yet again.

But I thought hard and fast for even with no fancy trimmings to my life of all the fun stated above, I was quite the star of my family. I was doted on and admired amongst my small yet significant group of friends and as an absolutely common man of this country had my most ordinary life spanning in front of me and with my education, everything seemed like a canvas for me to paint on.

Sometimes one has to see inwardly to understand ourselves and once that capability & expertise we gain, then we get the deterity and the skill to have the laudable quality to see the world outside in a different perspective!
Standing inside the Cathedral Caves in South Island made me appreciate the extra-ordinary beauty outside with a new viewpoint!

Paint. I did. Did a huge variety of work in small districts of my state, with children, police personal families, semi-government organisations and since I always did it voluntarily and honorarily – my motivation never dipped. For I was in it because I wanted to be, not because of the money, not because of anyone else but myself.

So, I had decided, who’d run my race with me. Well, JUST ME.

Much like this Seagull perched atop an anchoring pole in Fremantle, a port city in Western Australia taking on the role of the sentinel for the fishing boats around……

……………….Don’t be afraid if its just – you – out on that path – remember not all journeys will have companionship and no one said Life was easy, they’ve only said it’ll be worthwhile!!!
The spell-binding light and shade of the afternoon sun wove a spooky kind of magic over us and we were sure we were in a fairy tale!!!
Along the way there would be people who may or may not take a stand, support or not support your opinions and thoughts – this light n shade shall continue in this world, for this helps those of us who seek the illumination to elicit the clarity!!!!

The world needs insanity, for sanity to stand out!
Views can be elaborate like this amazing picture postcard scene froma a vantage point in Queenstown, New Zealand……..
Vantage point? The views seem breadth-taking from everywhere, I think?!!
…..Or so, candidly simplistic like this sketch done in a matter of seconds which conveys a very powerful thought I feel: When we move from the simple to the complex, the understanding is grounded in reality and would hardly be so if vice versa!!
Try it friends, it’s true!
Sketch courtesy remains my very artistic Sis!
The outlooks can be varied and each angle of thought and understanding different – which never means it is wrong or right.
It is upto us to find our perfect match, understand its relationship to us and act upon it.

Finally to savour and enjoy its fruit!
I find myself on the grass, under the trees, behind the bushes, everywhere and anywhere from where I can get that weird, unusual angle for my photos – seems to uplift my mood later, as I browse through my captured moments.  Here its the sprawling Botannical gardens of Perth, Western Australia.

Needless to add that it brings a smile to my face always!!!
This one is from behind the bushes of the Supreme Court grounds in Perth, Australia….
An entirely different context!!!
Explore each aspect, in front of you before you select the one for yourself!!!
Another one from ground zero brings out the fabulous blue of the sky, with its sprinkling of clouds and the sun cheekily peeping in on me!
What a day at the Botannical gardens in Perth after a fruitful trip to the Uni!

Revel in the fact that different thoughts, angles and facets exsist and choices are available
Being the only one – the outlander should scare no one, for after all its our battles and we have to fight them ourselves to emerge winners………Much like this loner duck swimming away happily in the late evening in Queenstown, oblivious to a zero company from any other duck!!!
Let the fuzziness clear out, for the clouds of self-doubt will defintely be there to haunt you – but remember: its the clouds that come in the way of the rays of the Sun, the Sun itself never goes away!!!
So your lucid thoughts are there always, its the influences of the environs which prevent the clarity – have patience and the plainness will reveal itself!!!

The clouds played hide n seek on our descent in the cable car from the BIG BUDDHA @ Ngong Ping, Lantau Island in HongKong and revealed teasingly the then unfinished HongKong-Zhuhai-Macau sea link.

It is a 55 kilometer bridge which is the longest sea crossing & longest fixed link on Earth.
…..And keep looking out for the rainbows……..
…..couldn’t help but capture the entralling sight as we returned from Queenstown, New Zealand.
Keep your landing gear ready for as you get a clear runway, land ahoy!!
The world can then hitch-hike but not piggy-back ride or pull you down!!!

The majesty of everything I see in the New Zealand country side brings out even more of the wanderer and venturer in me!!!
Can we reach out strinkingly away from the maddening crowd?
Will we be able to carve out a niche for oursleves and our thoughts?
I believe we can:
for the pathway to finding peace with ourselves lies within ourselves and
our style of tackling the various obstacles and reaching for that ultimate state of acceptance
is what defines us as individuals: Beacon in the storm or a signal lost at sea!!

The Swan Bell Tower in Perth, Western Australia just seemed to reach out into the blue sky like a shooting star!!!

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