In LIFE’s journey, Relationships never end nor age, they just change the dwelling!

The debate can range on about which remains the most complicated or the most amazing relationship on our planet. The jury and the vote can be out there, and the arguments and deliberations can stretch into eternity. Interestingly, all of us have something to say for each of us have faced and encountered gratifying & agreeable or abominable & faulty aspects in each of our relationships.

Relationships will bloom only when the protagonists nurture it with care, understanding and patience!

Yet, neither the jury nor vote for any relationship can deny that the most significant aspect is a person’s response to situations which is the only factor which determines the health and robustness of a relationship.

Relationships……hmmm, well, Handle with care!

Each relationship is special, each requires care and nourishment just like plants in our gardens or our balconies or backyards. It will always be a give and take, a little more or a little less at times but huge dosages of understanding, tranquillity, impassivity and a ‘dispassionate passion’ for continuity.

Never see your relationships through the eyes of others, for you never know of their vision: 
whether its stained/frosted/narrow/clear/colored!

Everything in our lives is based on moments and memories and everything around us reminds us of someone or something from our past with them.

Its never crowded in any relationship for the choice & delete button is always in our own hands!

Like the ‘dispassionate passion’ connection bought back memories from my autograph book as a teenager, where my English professor in my Army school wrote in his note for me, this phrase as part of his message because we had been discussing in class these words and how ‘passion’ can be construed to mean, in different degrees of intensity by different people in different situations. I remembered him and my moments with my friends then as I used it today.

As relationships continue to be sacred, revered, profane or vulnerable in today’s times, one thing remains a constant that the mystique and magic of each relationship can be understood only by those who have experienced it or have let it go astray. Either way it is the loss of only those two involved individuals and no one else.

Who said anything in LIFE was easy?
 Nothing which moves & feels comes with an instruction booklet so its up to us to navigate the ladybrith of emotions in each relationship!

Sometimes of course we lose on relationships not because of our short-comings but because of forces not in our control. And cliched as it may sound, the magic, magnetism, glamour and appeal of one relationship in this whole wide world may still not be out for debate, at least most insignificantly I feel. Yet!

That of the Parent with the Child.

I for one do not want the jury neither the vote on this one out just yet!!!

My tribute to the UNFORGETTEBLES as I call them. Irrespective of whether we have seen their loss or not their being there or not frightens each of us each day…….

……. our skill is to be savvy enough to look-out for the beacon in the 
light-house of relationships 
which helps us steer clear of the pitfalls, the perils, the quicksands and the traps – 
for relationships demonstrate how deft we are to live our lives meaningfully!!

… everyone who has experienced that loss, in solidarity, in peace.


Many years or one,

The years could be counted or none,

But the void will remain to stun,

For they are the Unforgettables, who cannot be replaced by anyone!

A bagful of memories is all that remains,

That keeps our heart in chains,

For nothing in the world ever trains

A child to prepare for the void that remains!

As days pass by and the moment gets distant,

The mind and the heart remain persistent,

In keeping the remembrance as an assistant,

For they are the Unforgettables, who have a perpetual existence!

Family of all shades and kind

Remains around us all the time, all entwined,

Yet its only us and our thoughts which define

The status of our feelings and state of mind!

No amount of words, tears nor reflection,

Will ever take away the bodily affection,

Which each moment we crave in connection,

For they are the Unforgettables, who live in our flashback, our introspection!

Years together the knots in the heart will hurt,

Each night and even at day, we would want to blurt,

To pick up the phone, dial and flirt,

With them one more last time and to earlier times revert!

Alas! Such luxury is hardly at hand,

As much as our plans may be grand,

The fact shall remain a tormenting strand,

For they are the Unforgettables, who have vanished into another distant land!

They were our life and so were we,

And distressing though it may be, they’d agree,

From negativity and despair to set ourselves free,

Instead keeping our thoughts gleeful and gay would be the master-key!

It is difficult to undo a moment in time,

To bring back our loved ones, one more time,

Yet it’s possible to keep our tryst in this lifetime,

With the Unforgettables, through sanguine thoughts in our minds’ wind chime!!

16 thoughts on “In LIFE’s journey, Relationships never end nor age, they just change the dwelling!

  1. Indeed a wicked one Ma’am….loved it how beautifully you expressed and placed each and every word in its right place …keep on writing 😍😍😍

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    1. Hi Saakshi! Target audience reached, I hope!! 😉
      Thanks!! 💕

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    2. Ma’am
      वाकई मै बहुत अच्छा लगा ।

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So true. Each and every word has so much depth and clarity. You express so well. ENJOYED reading it. Marvellous.

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  3. Ma’am
    वाकई मै बहुत अच्छा लगा ।

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  4. हाँ मेम रिश्ते बहुत नाजुक होते है ।
    कभी कभी दोस्ती निभाने के लिए बच्चे, पेड़-पौधे की ध्यान देकर बचाना पड़ता है ।


    1. True…. every relationship needs care and understanding! Otherwise it’s futile to be close to anyone but the realisation has be there from both the sides….. taali ek haath se khabhi nahi bajti hai!!🤗


      1. मेम बिलकुल सही कहा है ।रिश्ते निभाना भी कला है ।जो समझ गए बस उसी के हो गए । फिर इस बंधन को कोई तोड़ नही सकता । यह बहुत मजबूत होता है । इसे अपनों पर विश्वास होता है ।

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  5. Couldn’t have been said in a better way….way to go Dhanu mam!!!


  6. Beautifully expressed!!


  7. Very well expressed. Today ‘s world needs more to such articles,to remind us of our forgotten relationship. Keep writing more.

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  8. Very well expressed. Today ‘s world needs more of such articles,to remind us of our forgotten relationship. Keep writing more.

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    1. Thanks ….yes we need to remember relationships made over time…..and respect them too……😊


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