Once upon a time……I find a story everywhere!

Stories enchant me ever since my Faraway tree days. Have always wanted to have a Moonface and a saucepan man in my circle of friends, and a land which changes every hour somewhere above me! Never happened though but I still made my own stories with whatever I did and wherever we went.

The traveling bug never left our home and each holiday we explored some part of our country. So, I had stories from sanctuaries and holiday homes and ferry rides and sudden punctured tyres. The magic of all those years stayed in my head. When I made my stories, I wondered if people around me thought me an irreparable romantic – I did not care though.And then the unthinkable happened, I started finding stories everywhere I went. I wasn’t quaint after all!! The Lavender farm was started by a family of three whose origins were in freezing Canada. They wanted to utilize the land they had inherited (and what a fragrant way to do it too). Their charming shop had been done up in the most distinctive way with personal touches everywhere. The washroom had a photo frame painted on the wall in lavender and it told us to: Keep calm and carry lavender. It was bound to bring a smile to even the most constipated visitor, I’m sure! The fields were lavender, the tractor was lavender, the knick knacks on the farm tables were lavender, the ceiling had lavender hanging, the products inside were all of lavender including a most delicious chocolate lavender and lavender manuka honey ice cream, I wonder how the honey bees managed to retain their golden yellow color in the midst of all this?

The magic did not end there. It was everywhere from the washroom to the shop to the tables to the fields, to the animals to the bees to the rustic games set up in the midst and a scarecrow which brought more mirth than a scare to anyone in his vicinity. Charlie the custodian of the “veggies” looked quite charmed himself with the enchanting place and the voodoo had given way to a kind of magnetism. I in fact posed with him and duplicated his pose too – looked quite exquisite myself!

The sundial on a table told me that time never stood still yet I wanted it to halt in its tracks right then, for ever! I have wondered each time I have visited such places as to what makes them sparkle and allure me so much. And each time the answer seems unambiguous and stares in my face – their work is not just a hobby, but their passion and they take pride in what they have and value it zealously.

Stories keenly lapped up!
Mesmerizing antiquity  
Here even the rabbits have left their traditional meal of carrots and the lavender is their new KFC!
(Hence the protection for the new tender plants)
Viola! The bees have managed to stay true to their colors!!
The lavender horse on the farm tables…….who minds a color change in these mystical environs? 
I would not – the Avatar feel will add another story to my kitty, I guess!!!!
The other flowers decide to dress up in the same colors too – why deny themselves the swooning of the crowds 
The source of the abundant fragrance inside the cafe doesn’t need a Sherlock Holmes to find it – its all over us!
The jenga blocks…….
…and the petanque game with these enormous steel balls brought out the child in us quite effortlessly!
Hey there, I am Charlie, the hypnotizing care-taker of the Veggies – come and be bewitched by my charm! Well, he did succeed in that all right for including me even the birds seemed to be besotted by his charm…..
Stand still time!! I order thee thus!……..But it refused and the magical moment passed by! 

10 thoughts on “Once upon a time……I find a story everywhere!

  1. Beautiful! A life story…. it starts when you’re born till end… but the choices we make during that journey tells how well you have lived!
    Looking forward for many more.
    Keep writing and spread the love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True…well said! Our life truely defines who we really are – the rest is trivial embelishments! 😊👍


  2. Awesome !!
    Kept me glued till the end
    Waiting for more ‘ stories ‘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful…. Captivating story. Kds enjoyed reading too. Waiting to read more different stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! Its nice the kids loved it too!


  4. You are an amazing story teller. The picturesque locales tempt me to visit the Lavender Farm. Travel more and throw light on such many more hidden treasures.


    1. Thanks Suma!!!
      Yes most of such amazing places which I have visisted I have re-visited again on my next vacation to NZ because the magic and the stories attached with these placesleaves me asking for more – each & everytime!! Love to share…..😍👍


  5. Thanks Ma’am for sharing your stupendous blogs with ravishing images ..Really loving it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exremely happy you liked it……Thank you!!👍😍


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