Out of the holiday hibernation!

One expects that a new year will come with a bang but it never really does. The clock quietly strikes twelve like always and starts ticking another round. However, we get all excited and do a countdown, sometimes even light up the skies with fireworks, get all excited. Yet first January always brings some amount of cheer and everything starts to look fresh and new again.

So, with the holiday spirit, I had the new year lift my spirits as well. The routine and the living by the clock of the whole of last year got kind of forgotten as the new year wishes started to pour in and New Zealand helped as always. The star-lit skies, the rambling green farmlands polka-dotted with the white sheep, the walls of pine fences, the entire roads to yourself, the nippy summer breeze, the quaint and interesting cafes, the deep blue waters of the Wakatipu lake, the heritage walks, the scenic Catlins, the southern most tip of land, the bored pig, cattle and the llamas in the midst of the Lavender farm, the crazy, confusing maze of the Puzzling World, the unusual flavors of the Patagonia ice creams, the lazy gazing with the sea gulls, the mystical world of wines – I was in a complete holiday hibernation!

But all good things have to end or they needn’t? I guess not, they give way to something different – better or worse only time tells. Thus I got shaken out of my holiday hibernation with a long flight from Christchurch to Singapore and the melancholy set in along with a desire to get back to the chaos of my routine and our traffic and our people and our attitudes, all of which within regular intervals wants me to fade away into oblivion, far away from all the maddening crowds.

      Wakatipu Lake’s pristine blue waters removes the blues instantly! 

The Heritage walks bring one closer to nature like nothing else!
The amazing array of bio-diversity enthralls at all times…..
The Catlins beckon one all along the southern scenic route.
The cameras can never really catch the actual beauty of the rolling meadows, or was I an amateur photographer?!  
The serene beaches and its hidden caves bring alive the explorer in even the most lazy traveler!
The Seagulls give their ‘sinister Mogambo’ looks with elan!!
The blue of the skies makes me take a refresher course in my colors palette.
The ice creamery which redefines the way we view the dessert scene…..@ the Patagonia, Queentown
The lazy afternoons need no definitions here…..
The white sheep and the miles of farmland are all there somewhere…hidden yet seen!
The Lavender becomes the new addiction!
Why get hyper woman? Sorry if this isn’t your life and place – it’s mine for sure!
One addiction which I don’t mind having! At the Lavender farm, Wanaka
The wines, the cheese and the vineyards all take on another meaning – supernatural, not just magical – The Rippon Valley Winery

2 thoughts on “Out of the holiday hibernation!

  1. parinit agarwal April 30, 2019 — 11:58 pm

    Reading this felt like I am on that farm with you. The description was so detailed and visual.
    Also loved the captions which ran with the pictures. The images though beautiful themselves, were given a complete new life with those captions, with a mix of humor and artistic observations

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you…….its always worth learning and observing from everything, every trip, everyone…….


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