Some of my best friends are animals….

…………………..and …..

A new year has arrived yet again. A month is almost done. I sit today to write after ages and I really don’t know why it has been this long since I have again decided to pen my thoughts.

Today just seemed the day, somehow. It has been a tumultuous few months of 2022 and another of the new year. Oft I wonder what makes my days hectic and full. And as I try to find my answers, I also say my prayers that I have never found myself bored or disheartened for lack of things to do.

Firstly, it is SOLITUDE – the pleasure of my own company which I love so much. My thoughts, my routine, my cup of favourite beverage – my Nespro coffee has got added to that list recently, my time, my home and my ANIMALS!

I love my own company!!
Aha! those aromatic flavours just lift the spirit beyond every depth!

Secondly my favourite place to be is at HOME. It offers peace of mind and safety from idiots around. Encapsuled between a protective ring of trees and abundant flora and fauna, my hard work at cultivating a sense of safety for my winged friends – the lovely birds has led to my haven being transformed to paradise.

The Paradise flycatcher is our latest friend to join me and my birds at home!!!
Freshly harvested crop of Passion Fruit….I may also turn to exotic fruit farmer soon!

Thirdly, my animals – My munchkin bunnies and my turkeys are the ones which give me the most beautiful moments in my day. I doubt that there ever will be any other being than your pets who will love you with such devotion that they do.

Those delightful furry beings who are all so smart and full of chutzpa that no one day is similar to another with them.

My turkeys who respond to my every call. And even in protest as I call my newly added set of cute animals – the strays outside our gate: “Babies!!” “No, No, No”, say the turkeys. “We are the only babies outdoors!” And a protesting clucking ensures from Blackberry and Mickey who are nearest to the gate. My heart swells with a happiness and warmth which is very hard to describe. That amazing feeling of being ‘wanted’ and ‘loved’.

Oh, We know the exact time when you head out with our daily snack……And we have invited a new friend over too. There’s enough for everyone”, they seem to say to each other.

If only we understood this and said the same to our fellow beings – there’s enough for all of us. But no, our greed is unlimited!!

On day one when I first started giving food to these cute strays outside, on my return from Australia and as my son insisted after he saw them on the camera from there, Floppy (who I have christened thus as our one ear stays flopped down) came in first and sniffed all food. Then he looked around and thought such windfall couldn’t be true. So, with an air of assumed indifference, Floppy backed out and sat down in attention a few feet away. Slowly walked in Smarty (christened thus because we made that ‘smart’ move), looked at Floppy with a questioning expression and inched with apprehension towards the stand with bowls. He sniffed all three bowls. Smacked his lips and looked around. Then he moved towards the one with milk and rice and had quite some bit of it.

A pause.

Some more smacking and then a move towards the bowl with chapatis. Smarty grabbed almost half of them and relished them as he chewed on. He had had his fill so he shook himself with contentment and stretched and yawned. Then he walked past Floppy and plonked himself on the road. Floppy looked in disbelief and with trepidation. “Man, you shall regret it”, was his expression. And he kept on intently observing Smarty and almost expecting himself to collapse as the ‘poison’ kicked in. Then I realised that he had not eaten because he was worried the food was spiked.

How we laughed at that wonderfully expressive countenance and extreme doubt which Floppy displayed.

Soon walked in with a limp a scraggy Brownie. He looked around and walked up gingerly to the bowls. Within minutes he polished off the remainder and stretched and smacked his lips before he settled next to Smarty.

Now Floppy kept on looking at both of them, turning his head this way and that. “Why did they not fall down dead?!”, Floppy sat there and wondered.

Today a month later, they wait patiently for their treat – morning and evening. And my son makes sure he is watching the cameras from Australia and has plans to pat them when he comes back on his holiday. That’s what pets do. They just occupy your heart like no one else.

They come inside your heart slowly, without you even knowing it and then reach out to capture your thoughts, and your soul – making you a better person.

Their reach is far and wide like this sweetest creeper which has made sure it reaches the top and beyond – so much like my pets who have made their home in the hearts of my friends too!
The world around me becomes a better place when I enjoy every moment of my existence and everything that comes with it.

The variedness of the journey is what makes ‘life’ something we can talk about, be philosophical about, critical about, sad sometimes, joyous most of the times because after every fall and winter there is a spring and summer too – a cycle which happens without fail, it is up to us to look for those orange or silver or flowery linings as we go along!

My favourite creeper which blooms with such gay abandon, just once a year that it teaches me valuable lessons in existence: It isn’t about how many times, it only about how well, even in that one time that we may be!
Musings from the heart – a grateful heart.

Reflecting on the moments in time with my writings, readings and sometimes just vacant thoughts – absolute bliss!

Early morning as I complete my chores and move out to chop up fruits for myself, my bunnies and my turkeys, a half an hour delay gets my two pair of bulbuls to make a distinct twittering to let me know that I am running late and their fruit breakfast has been delayed. The wild doves on the other hand wait patiently atop our solar panels on a lookout for my tray with their home made grain platter. Each of these routines gives me pleasure and a satisfaction at living a life of thankfulness – of a bankable routine, a certainty of moments, a peace of mind of a giving heart.

Look for positivity, you shall find zeal;
Look for happiness, you shall find contentment;
Look for honesty, you shall find incorruptibility;
Look around some more friends, there is a permanence in integrity and virtue – learn some more, teach even more.

The beautiful flowers from my son’s university added to the magical ambience as he graduated this December – the beauty I understood lay in my perception of a moment of immense pride as a parent.
As a person I am not given to indulgence of any kind – I always am measured in my actions and conscious of the fact that my privilege in life comes from blessings from above and wishes from very, very dear friends – I have earned but just some of it on my own;

Also, being someone who has lived her whole life doing for others around and putting everyone else before self – this enormous sundae on my hectic trip was my son’s idea of pampering myself for no reason.

We walked out to this delightfully quaint ice cream parlour one afternoon, when it wasn’t even any ‘dessert-time’ of the day and I ordered for myself this humongous & delicious mix of three flavours.
Absolute extravagance! (But well worth it!)

Self-care should never be underrated, it helps with survival!!

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