Doing it right!

What Parenting is all about….

Three rules every mom should keep in mind for any aged munchkin of theirs…….

RULE 1Listen for subtle in-between hints and observe hard!

Listening to what your child says is extremely important but listening well enough is more important. In-between anecdotes, observations which are spelt out, extra sentences which are spoken are extremely important. And while they talk and explain and describe to you, sit comfortably and observe them extremely closely. I listen and I also observe the mannerisms, the hand movements, the eye contact, the tone, the emotions in the voice…..vital signs to pick up and understand what is exactly going on inside. Then let the mother’s instinct kick in – I haven’t failed even once!

RULE 2Anticipate and look far into the future!

Each and every aspect of your child’s day should be clear to you, the routine known to you by-heart, the systems of school, play and interactions set to a meticulous perfection – then once you have set parameters of what is safe, right and known – look beyond into the future and anticipate what can go wrong, not happen, fall apart – then place your PLAN B in place, a PLAN C and so on.

RULE 3Remember there is ONLY one kind of MOM – C3!

Careful, Caring, Conscious.

CAREFUL – enough to anticipate, plan and interpret all behaviours and indications and signs.

CARING – enough to know everything about her child.

CONSCIOUS – enough to know when to be around, be protective and when to let go and allow the child some space.

From the first day when you hold your child for the first time to all the years that he/she is with you, enjoying every moment in the consciousness of the immense responsibility we have as a mother in taking care of another new life, is the actual & only essence of motherhood.

This awareness of the responsibility shapes what this ‘future’ will look, feel, behave, act and conduct itself through his/her life!

I pat my back for being a C3 mom and salute all those I already know out there to be one too and the many others whom I know not but am aware that they exist: Way to go for getting your parenting right!

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