Rules, choices, values…..Life is a sum total of conscious decisions!

….mine does!

Choices are available at all times. The decision to exercise them at any point of time is our responsibility. The one we choose to exercise then, is also entirely up to to us. Thus at all times the control of the environment remains with us (exceptions exist as do exigencies but then that is maybe less than 5% of the times).

Know what you want, to know how to do it – listen to all voices of reason and advice but act from where you come from, what makes you and what you believe in – For you are UNIQUE!
I want to spread random happiness, nothing curated to catered to what looks good but what makes me happy – therefore, I surround in my environment people who bring out the best in me. Our small gesture to bring big smiles on the faces of children on 20 Nov 2022 – World Children’s’ Day of the UNICEF with the Director Program, Bright Spark’s – Ms. Neha Mathur and her dedicated team of volunteers an education vertical of the Youngistaan Foundation.

I remain in control of my life by knowing who, what, how and where of my life’s environment.

Contrary to what many believe, each of us lives by rules – only most of us aren’t aware that we have sub-consciously made them for ourselves. Self-discover! Think and reflect!

Things will go wrong. Not always will we have what and how we want things to be. When you see successes, we always tend to assume that there wasn’t any struggle behind all of that shine. Success shine like nothing else and also once people become successful, they tend to belittle their own journeys by saying, it was all simple, there wasn’t any struggle nor any heartache nor failures. That in itself is the biggest lie they live.

Your mind has the power to make or break you. Your ability to see through the darkness and the clouds is the power of your mind. The more you cultivate the positiveness of your thoughts, the more strength your mind derives to help you get up and move ahead! We live our destined lives and our destined share of problems and successes….all adding up to make who we are seen to be by the people around us.

Take the sun and the shadows in your stride – good with the bad & ugly – cultivate and nurture your mind to look beyond what may seem dismal – its the power within you which allows the power to resonate outside you.

You are unique. You are liked. But you are wanted only desperately by one set of people: Your own immediate family. All else are wonderful, amazing people in your journey called life.

Your are needed by everyone apart from your family for some reason – known to you & unknown to you but you are never indispensable EXCEPT to your family – they can’t find your replacement; everyone else and everywhere else they will!
Be aware whose sunshine you are!

‘Now’ is the new today!

Who’s seen tomorrow?
I have melt-downs; I bawl my heart out; I am happy as a bird; I am grumpy; I am angry – I have my myriad moods and yet I am STRONG!
Showing a ‘societal’ unacceptable part of you is NORMAL, by not doing so you are living your biggest lie!
A UGC lectureship qualification right out of my post-graduation led me into a college with students just a few years younger to me.
The demo lecture had me scared to bits inside.
The demo in itself went excellently and my age surprised the class but also turned out to be my biggest strength – we connected immediately!
It was also then that I learnt to crack jokes on my behalf – another instant hit.

This fear of handling higher grades made me resolute that I shall conquer this at all costs. I thought back to that day, in that class, to ascertain in my mind what clicked, what worked. And I worked really hard to turn my fear of teaching higher grades into my USP. All my three decades and more of teaching career I have always handled Grades 9 and above and I enjoy my instant connect with that group of adolescent & beyond children.

The world is busy patting its own back and doesn’t have time for you. So be your own biggest cheerleader at all times.
If you value yourself, only then will the world do so as well. No one is born perfect – we have made ourselves ‘acceptable’ by learning, making mistakes and not repeating them, bettering ourselves by maybe not getting angry so often, or listening to others – the constant evolving has led us to US – so believe in what you have become – there isn’t another YOU.
Never underestimate the power of a good, kind heart!

Your blessings list isn’t with you but up there somewhere and the kind and the good does come around.

Again it is a matter of belief – belief in being the kind of person you would want others to be to you.

Let go of all that isn’t important. Do not fret about things not in your control. Do not bother yourself about the business of others. Learn to have a dispassionate passion about things around you – everything is temporary; even us.
Keep it simple: You, your thoughts (please do not over-think), a cup of tea and let the world take care of itself!
You do not want to have a bath but lounge all day in your kaftan – well, so be it!

You want to work on your own terms – well, so be it! Your rules should be a reflection of your thought processes, should reflect you – all things ordinary should excite you like anything which is special and different.

I enjoy my cooking as much as I enjoy my training workshops.

I do everything with the same passion – that becomes my USP!

I will not have it any other way – that becomes my RULE!

None of my baking is ever commercial – I turn our special cakes for friends and family alike! A special occasion demands a special effort – Another of my own rule, for myself!

I am my biggest critic and my biggest fan – I love who I am and what I have achieved and done with my life. I have my share of regrets but I have course corrected to not make the same mistakes again. I continuously try to better myself and remodel my behaviour according to the changing times. The grass is never, ever, greener on the other side for me. YET, I celebrate others ALWAYS before me.
I have been in classrooms, now it seems like forever but there are so many others who have been doing it too – telling their stories through my pen was a journey extremely satisfying and humbling at the same time!
And I continued my celebration of putting people before anything, yet again in my second book.

I included all those who I have genuinely loved to work with, admired for their ethics and all those who have done authentic work in the field of education in our country.
Love yourself first before you go out there to love the world.

Even the airline emergency briefing states that we must wear our own oxygen mask before assisting others.

Inspite and despite of what I do for everyone, I am my own favourite!

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