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The Why, How, What…..

Doing normal things every day, 365 days a year was something I had seen my parents and everyone around me do it. And do it with a smile. With a spring in their step. With an absolute dedication. As a child growing up and having my lazy moments, I often wondered what drove them each day onwards. Everyday?

The answers never came easily. A simple shrug of the shoulder and a statement from my Mom that “it is necessary otherwise how will …..or a sometimes one does not have choices but then looking at the brighter side always is common sense. It is inner strength to trudge along, everyday with a smile on your face. That defines what and who you are,” she’d say, and t’was never something I understood as a 10 year old.

I shall find out for myself one day, I’d whisper to myself. What drives people on.

Funnily, I do the same. Each day and every day. My son asks me those same questions as I did of my Mom.

My answer is WICKEDLYOURS.

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